My Favorite Things

There's no place like home!

Sarah Smith

Lead Designer: Kaelyn Schmidt Design

This client wanted a farmhouse vibe. Kaelyn Schmidt Design orchestrated the entire process, including ordering, deliveries, installations, and clean-up, so that the client was able to walk inside and immediately feel at home. Your house can look like a page in a magazine and still feel like home, all while reflecting your personal style.

Leza Mueller

Owner: Cabi Style with Leza

I love my office escape. I love to design and create, and my office brings me so much inspiration. I have artwork, a real record player for my vinyl and fun, unique pieces all around me. Things dear to my heart like photos of my family, favorite adventures and Rotary cover my walls. It’s just AMAZING!

Michelle McElroy

Owner: The Home Place & MM Design and Decor, LLC

Being a true Southerner, the kitchen is the heart of my home and a place where my family congregates. Practicing my creativity with cooking is a love of mine.  Whether I’m baking cakes for my friends and family for a birthday or making a casserole for a family in need, the kitchen is my canvas.   

Mary Kate Walker

General Manager: Walker Furniture

I love relaxing outside in my courtyard, next to my fountain in the area, my husband created, I call the “beach”. There are two Adirondack chairs and a table sitting on white pebbles. When I want to get away, I go to the “beach” and pretend I am at the real beach. I love it!

James Gordon

Owner: Electronics World 

I enjoy having peace of mind when I'm not home. Being able to monitor and see when packages are delivered and keeping my property and family inside safe means everything to me. And having an easy-to-use app controlled integrated system only adds to the ease of use.  

Nicole Dallery

Owner: Interior Designer at Dallery Interiors 

The best spot in my house is the breakfast room. It’s large west facing windows keep the room bright and sunny, perfect to lift my mood! We share dinners, desserts, crafts, and games here.  It’s a great perch that looks out over the backyard. I can watch my kids playing or the birds visiting our feeder. 

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