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MY Self Wellness

Transforming Lives Through Ketamine Therapy

In the realm of mental health and well-being, MY Self Wellness is pioneering a new approach to healing. Led by Co-Founder and Chief Brand Ambassador Charles Patti and his wife Co-Founder and President Christina Thomas, MY Self Wellness is on a mission to not just provide therapy, but to change the world's perception of ketamine therapy and psychedelic medicine as a whole.

For Charles, the journey to founding MY Self Wellness was deeply personal. Having experienced profound trauma and addiction in his life, including the loss of his father at a young age and a stepfather who struggled with alcoholism, Charles found himself trapped in a cycle of self-medication with drugs and alcohol for over two decades. However, his life took a transformative turn when he discovered the power of ketamine therapy.

"My journey with psychedelic medicine changed my life," Charles shares. "After years of self-medication and struggling with addiction, I found relief and healing through ketamine therapy. It was a pivotal moment that led me to believe that ketamine therapy could be a game-changer for mental health."

Charles' personal experience with ketamine therapy led him to explore its potential further. He discovered that many individuals, like himself, had not found relief from traditional pharmaceutical treatments for conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. Through a combination of ketamine therapy, meditation, breathwork, and lifestyle changes, Charles was able to find a path to healing that worked for him.

Together Christina and Charles embarked on a mission to bring ketamine therapy to a wider audience. Together, they founded MY Self Wellness, with a focus on providing comprehensive mental health services that go beyond traditional approaches. The focus is on empowering individuals to take control of their mental health journey. Through a combination of ketamine therapy, integrative practices, and personalized care, clients are given the tools they need to achieve lasting change. The clinic offers a range of services, including psychiatry, group therapy, and integrative nutrition health coaching, all aimed at addressing the root causes of mental health issues.

"There is a profound connection between healing trauma and rewiring the nervous system," Charles explains. "Psychedelics, when used in a safe and therapeutic setting, can be a powerful tool for transformation. But the real work happens when you take what you've learned and integrate it into your daily life."

With their Medical Director and Chief Psychiatrist, Dr. Ferber, they have currently provided over 10,000 ketamine treatments. After the treatments, people come out night and day–veterans who are suicidal or people who are on a string of medications are provided with a clean slate. It quite literally gives them a new life, transformation to the fullest.

“The results speak for themselves.” –Charles

One of the key principles of MY Self Wellness is that each person matters, and healing should be accessible to anyone, regardless of their financial status; everyone deserves the opportunity to heal and live a fulfilling life. This belief is at the core of Warriors of Consciousness, the nonprofit founded by Charles and Christina. To date, Warriors of Consciousness has donated free treatments to more than 90 individuals. To further underscore its mission, Warriors of Consciousness appointed Ed Burke and Brad Sisbarro to its Advisory Board in 2024.

"Through Warriors of Consciousness, we are able to support individuals who would otherwise not have access to this life-changing therapy." – Charles

Ed, Warriors of Consciousness’ Law Enforcement liaison and a former DEA agent with 10 years of experience undercover in drug enforcement, personally witnessed the devastation and human toll of the drug war along with the need for alternative approaches. Ed's personal struggles, including PTSD and alcoholism, allowed him to not only embrace ketamine for mental health, but also give him the credibility behind his passion for advocacy. His work has brought hope to others, including veterans and those struggling with addiction, offering a tangible solution to deep-seated issues across the nation.

“We can really make a tangible difference in our SWFL community. This is pulling veterans right out of suicidal ideations, helping the opioid epidemic, and getting people off of fentanyl and heroin.” –Ed

MY Self Wellness has garnered attention for its innovative approach to mental health, with features in various news outlets and media channels. The clinic's focus on empowering clients and providing a safe, supportive environment for healing has resonated with many, particularly veterans and those struggling with addiction.

As MY Self Wellness continues to expand its reach and impact, Charles remains committed to his mission of changing the world's view on ketamine therapy. With a dedicated team of practitioners and a passion for helping others, MY Self Wellness is leading the way in transforming lives and reshaping the future of mental health care.

"We believe that healing is a collective journey," Charles says. "We rise and heal together, and no one should be left behind."

For more information about MY Self Wellness, please visit or contact or call 239-908-9958.