Namaste at Home

Setting up your at-home yoga practice

Natalie Williams graduated with a BS in Exercise Science with a concentration in Fitness and Wellness Management, certified ten years as a YA 200hr yoga teacher, NASM personal trainer and group fitness instructor. "Yoga is my passion, I love to share the health benefits from practicing yoga with others! Currently, I teach yoga; one on one, in groups, online and at events," Natalie says. 

Want to set yourself up with an efficient home yoga space? Here's how!

1. Yoga Mat- For stability, balance, comfort and grip to help prevent injury and support poses. 

2. Yoga Blocks- Use to properly align and deepen asanas (poses) and for making yoga poses accessible to beginners and individuals with other physical imitations. Blocks give us countless ways to create different variations of poses and gain muscle engagement awareness. 

3. Yoga Strap- An essential part of yoga practitioners' toolkit! Adjust by shortening or lengthening to deepen flexibility while improving posture, increase range of motion while preventing injury guiding practitioners into poses correctly.

4. Yoga Bolster- Helps support difficult poses. Unlike pillows, bolster are firm and very supportive allowing the body to relax and relieve tension while being properly supported. Find one with washable and durable material that holds firmness appropriate for your practice.

5. Yoga Blanket- Keep warm in restorative poses and meditation, add cushioning under joints during asanas, fill in space when flexibility is not quite there yet and, deepen heart openers.

6. Eye Bag-  Applying light pressure on the eyelids communicates to our parasympathetic nervous system to relax.

7. Mat Cleaner- Make your own cleaner at home with a bottle of warm water and a couple of drops of dish soap.

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