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Creativity and Quintessential Style

Three businesses that make Naples a more stylish place.

Once Upon a Time

Imagine, a successful global marketing executive and an executive at Hilton Worldwide create a new company, only to have the doors open on March 1, 2020. Great idea, horrible timing. The name Virage means to turn or shift, and that is exactly what William and Carolyn Gullion have done for the past three years; both personally and professionally. It has not been easy, but starting in a global pandemic added a new set of challenges that they have overcome through hard work, honesty, exceptional creativity, and supporting clients through some of the most difficult situations. 

Virage Creative is an agency committed to developing and implementing strategic marketing and branding solutions, architecture design services, project development, and franchise documentation to create unique solutions that elevate brands. Their clients are global hospitality companies such as Sonesta International Hotels and Resorts, Reside and Jordan Young International, as well as health and wellness, sports franchises, and local development companies in Naples. 

"We relocated to Naples in June 2022, after visiting one time. We fell in love with this beautiful gem of Southwest Florida and we were excited to start a life here. After living and working out of our home in Royal Harbor for three months, we lost everything to Ian," says Carolyn, owner and CEO of Virage Creative. "To add insult to injury, I found out that my father had terminal cancer. We took care of him while trying to rebuild our new life here in Naples until he passed away."

She could never guess the magnitude of what Virage would mean and the impact of the decision. "We had no choice, just like everyone affected by tragedy, but to turn and shift. We count our blessings daily and we always say, we turned lemons into margaritas."

Dining: Your Menu, Your Style

Unique, private dining experiences are rare to find. With an expanding network of decorators, entertainers, and culinary masters, Rose House Naples is excited to produce events that are nothing short of remarkable. We talked with Matt Young, director of operations at The Rose House, about his perceptions of the quintessential Naples style. We love his poetic reflections.

"The Naples bespoke aesthetic fuses southern coastal living with comfort, beauty, and color. A simple walk around town can stimulate all the senses. Feel the sun on your skin. Smell the fresh pastries. See the royal palms blowing in the wind. Taste the gelato. Hear the murmur of people and music from the beautiful patio of our many outdoor spaces. Southern fashion is challenging norms set in northern, cooler climates where trench coats and slacks rule. Space is further integrating the outdoors while becoming more sustainable. And the food is evolving to merge countless influences from around the world here in our town."

The Rose House offers cooking classes, private dining experiences in your home, and catering. Their chefs infuse every dish with thought, style and finesse.

Six Years of Style

Cypress and Palm Boutique at The Pavilion Plaza on Vanderbilt Beach Road is celebrating six years of dressing Naples. In addition to exciting new fall fashion, they recently collaborated with local candle maker, Nokomis Home Fragrance, to design a custom blend scented candle in honor of their anniversary. Think palo santo, coconut and sandalwood. It’s the perfect Naples candle.

Owner Katy Harwick was born and raised in Naples and has always appreciated the relaxed, yet upscale style here. She brings a variety of pieces into the store that can be dressed up or down to match the Naples lifestyle. Dresses are a consistent customer favorite. "I think that’s a testimony to the style here - a trendy dress that can be worn with flats to brunch or dressed up with heels for a night out. We feature all of our new arrivals on social media and style them so you can get an idea of what’s popular in Naples right now. Make sure to follow along for all things new in-store and online!" 

A Smooth Transition: The Importance of a Tailored Home Before You Live in It

Moving into a new home, whether it be a vacation home or main home, is an exciting chapter in life. Although a new home is exciting, the process of designing that home and then moving into it can be overwhelming, costly, and chaotic. Moving presents an ideal opportunity to declutter and rid yourself of unnecessary possessions.

OCDOrganized understands that each home and individual has unique needs. By organizing and sorting through your belongings before the move, you can identify items that are no longer needed. This process helps streamline the packing and unpacking process, ensuring that you only bring along what truly matters to you. OCDOrganized specializes in helping clients make decisions about what to keep, donate, or discard, saving you time and energy in the long run. Imagine stepping into your new home and finding everything in its place, ready to be enjoyed. By arranging for a pre-move setup, OCDOrganized ensures that your new home is fully functional and welcoming from day one. From personalized linens and fully stocked kitchens to meticulously organized bathrooms, every detail is taken care of. This allows you to settle into your new environment with ease, saving you valuable time and energy. All you have to do is open the doors, and enjoy your new space.