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At Nashville Integrative Health Center, these local practitioners have a distinct perspective on women’s healthcare. Namely, they are all female-run businesses. Females face many unique health challenges as there are a variety of diseases and conditions. At NIHC, they nurture their patients, male and female, with a listening ear, guidance, and a proactive approach. These providers improve outcomes and give people of all ages the gift of wellness and longevity. Best of all, you can find them located in the same building for a powerhouse of health!

Hopewell Family Care

hopewellfamilycare.com Jamieé Arroyo, Family Nurse Practitioner-BC

This primary care office holistically serves newborns to the elderly,  inviting the individual to actively participate in their healthcare journey. This female-based team of nurse practitioners can handle everything from well-woman annual visits to overall chronic and acute care. They combine modern medicine practices with additional integrative therapies for a proactive and preventative approach to disease. Education and resources are a big part of the Hopewell philosophy of promoting long-term health.

Soma Wellness

somawellnessgroup.com Kim Ownby, Licensed Massage & ELT/ALT Therapist

Your lymphatic system plays an integral role in maintaining your immune system and fighting disease. Electro Lymphatic Therapy (ELT) is a non-invasive technique that uses vibration, light, and micro-current to keep your lymph system functioning optimally. Soma combines ELT with a wide variety of massage therapy services, from prenatal to sports massage. They’ve recently added a unique Maya abdominal massage service, which can improve a variety of fertility and reproductive health concerns for women.

Sozo Thermography

sozothermography.com Joanna Parkinson, Certified Clinical Thermographer

Detecting heat and monitoring blood flow is the key to thermography. Patients can utilize this safe, gentle, private technology to evaluate inflammation, injuries, and potential disease. Test images are reviewed by a medical doctor and offer valuable insights into how your body responds to your lifestyle. Women have found the Breast Study PLUS particularly helpful in evaluating their hormone and immune health. Full body scans for both men and women are also available.

Nova Birth Services


Nova believes every mother should be able to have an empowered birth experience. They offer a midwifery model of care that is both holistic and family-centered. They were voted Best Midwife by Nashville Parent in 2021. In addition to home birth, they offer doula services, birth photography, and childbirth education classes. Breastfeeding mothers can also benefit from their in-office or in-home lactation consultant to prepare for the baby and troubleshoot feeding issues.

Wellness Suite


In Partnership with Soma Wellness with a non-pharmacological approach, patients may take advantage of alternative and integrative therapies found in Hopewell’s new wellness center. One example, an infrared sauna or bol d’air session can improve circulation and oxygenation. Other services such as ionic footbaths can help detoxify the body. If you are experiencing back pain or muscle discomfort, the jade massage table or chai machine might be best for you. They even offer IV-based nutrient therapy!

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