National Charity League Celebrates Seniors

Local NCL Chapters Honor Graduating Members

Cypress National Charity League Chapters honored their graduating seniors for their service to the community. The young women of the Cypress NCL Chapters have volunteered thousands of hours at local charitable organizations over the past six years. As members of the NCL, in addition to service to Cypress area charities and nonprofit organizations, each young woman has fulfilled the requirements for participation in cultural activities and leadership development from seventh grade through her senior year of high school.

Cypress Pearls

First row: Rosa Huggins, Paige Behrens, Heidi Thomas, Lauren Barber and Madeleine Thomas. Second row: Ellena Palmer, Madeline Poag, Cameron Tallant, Sarah Mitcham, Halle Cheek, Payton McMullen, Kayla Lackey and Rebekah Jackson. Third row: Madison Clay, Erin Ware, Kadence Flora, Alison Peiffer, Jordan Spencer, Paige DeBruin, Gail Hornback, Ava Culver, Michaela Austin and Kennedy Kays. Not pictured: Elizabeth Jacobs, Lauren McIntyre, Emily Schaper, and Olivia Waggoner 

Cypress Belles

Emilia Hight, Erin Lembcke, Lindsey Welch, Tatum Binig, Abby Bergeron, Braelyn Brown, Emma Elsbury, Chloe Morse, Georgia Tarantino, Harper Winn, Emma Chedotal, Rebecca Pastrano, Quinley Drymond, Amelia Hancock, Sophia Harrison, Morgan Johnson, Elena Torres, Kate McShaffry, Hailey Lawrence, Emery Harris, Raegan Hainline, Riley Clark, Ella Harsh and Lauren Fritz.

Cypress Yellow Rose

Front row: Gabby Hurbanis, Camilla Vacek, Addison Gerold, Maryn Post, Caitlin McAlister, Ashley Miller, Anamarcela Longoria, Brenley Campbell, Manning Campbell, Madison Hanraads, Cassie Alaimo, Amy Kate Hill and Callie Mouser. Back row: Isabella Torres, Katelyn Kilgore, Kate Pedrick, Claire Andrews, Sophia Guzman, Ashlyn Jackson, Sydney Gilpin, Crystal Gooding, Sophia Cummings, Chloe Hensley, Addie Hensley, Sophia Cormack, Analia Quinn, Emma Sailors, Madison Price and Macie Duncan. 

Cypress Gems

Sydney Jarvis, Kara Passmore, Tessa Weissinger, Alexandra Passmore, Caroline O'Connor, Olivia Garcia, Regan Fisher, Madeleine Hugele, Kaitlyn Harred, Bethany Zink, Faith DeSpain, Katherine Knight, Ashlyn Young, Addison Kelley, Emily Gibbs, McKinlee Polansky, Shelby Keeton, Darby Vrana, Emma Burks, Lauren Matthews, Marissa Hiestand.

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