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Enjoy the View of a Boulder County Backyard Oasis with RSL Outdoor

Article by Lisa Van Horne

Photography by Amanda Proudfit

Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

Creating an outdoor living experience that can be enjoyed nearly year-round is a difficult feat given the variable climate of the Front Range. Yet that’s precisely what local landscape design/build firm RSL Outdoor accomplished in a recent, major Boulder County remodel project.

“The homeowners for this project had built this amazing house nearly 15 years ago,” John Herron, general manager of RSL Outdoor, says. “They had purposefully left the landscape to a minimum so that, when the time was right after a great deal of time abroad, they could really sink their teeth into the design and space knowing that they were going to be home to enjoy it.”

The homeowners were seeking a versatile outdoor living space that could facilitate a variety of activities, including relaxation, dining, grilling and enjoying a dip in the pool and hot tub. They were likewise looking for the space to have a high-end finish and match the modern aesthetic of their home. Recognizing the many facets of the project, the homeowners turned to RSL Outdoor as their one-stop partner for design expertise and orchestration of the massive scope of the project from the start to the end of the remodel.

“These homeowners were wonderful to work with,” John says. “We collaborated with them on each and every detail to get the design just right before the ultimate construction began.”

The result is a stunning backyard living area that represents a perfect blend of function and aesthetic. The abundant patio space was all built using porcelain tile—a preference of RSL Outdoor given Colorado’s climate that is highly durable, fade-resistant and easy to clean—giving the entire area a consistent and modern sheen. The louvered roof equipped with fans and infrared heat enables outdoor enjoyment in many types of weather—providing shade from the intense Colorado sun during the summer but also allowing entry for that natural light when the temperature dips.

Another prevalent motif that carries throughout the space is the harmonious blend of modernity with the natural elements surrounding the home. The clean modern lines that tie back to the house are softened by rich plantings. Carefully selected boulders and additional flora give a rustic Colorado feel while providing varied texture and color throughout the seasons. The pool with a built-in spa—created in collaboration with Mr. Pool—features a gorgeous sun deck and custom stone coping that leads right into the grass of the lawn. This grounded look anchors the space and gives it an innate natural flow that alludes to the lake views to the west of the property.

In all, it’s a project that exemplifies RSL Outdoor’s unique ability to create outdoor living spaces that artfully satisfy the needs of homeowners while respecting and connecting with the surrounding natural world.

“I really love the overall design of this project in particular,” John says. “This was a homecoming of sorts for our clients, and the space just blends flawlessly with the existing beauty of both the house and the natural space in which it sits.”

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