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Naughty & Nice Creamery

Visit One of Clementine's Locations for Handcrafted Ice Cream Love

For Valentine's Day treats that are made with love, consider heading to or ordering from one of the three, small batch micro-creamery locations owned by St. Louis' own “Flavor Temptress.” Tamara Keefe, founder and CEO of Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Creamery, promises delicious options await. 

Tamara says her passion for ice cream all began with a hand-crank ice cream maker her mother purchased at a garage sale. Her family eventually established a Sunday-ice-cream-making ritual, which spread throughout their community by word-of-mouth, prompting families to flock to her home, with individuals bringing the various ingredients to make more ice cream. 

In 2014, she made her professional leap into ice cream entrepreneurship official. In addition to three storefronts, she now also operates an online shop that ships to customers nationwide, as well as a catering business that services weddings, parties and special events. The "naughty" part comes from alcohol-infused flavors. They also offer a dairy-free ice cream made from scratch.

Tamara says she's devoted to bringing people together by "serving up love one scoop at a time."

Her creamery concoctions also made the 2019 O List for "Sexiest Ice Cream" in Oprah magazine. 

  • 730 Demun Ave. (Clayton)
  • 4715 Macklind Ave. (Southhampton)
  • 1637 S. 18th St. (Lafayette Square)


  • Tamara Keefe, Photo by Chris Bauer
  • Tamara Keefe, Photo by Chris Bauer