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Hosting Thanksgiving dinner or weekend guests gives you a new filter through which to view your home. Suddenly, the annoying stains on your sofa and the dull finish on your bookshelves are screaming for help. While family gatherings are more about spending quality time together, the details are important and you'll be a more confident host when you bring your A-game. And, yes, that means cleaning.

We went right to the source for all things furniture, Kristy Ortega, the owner of Trifecta Home Furniture, where designing and manufacturing are in-house with products and fabrics are exclusive. She lives and breathes beautiful furniture and shares her tips for tidying up for company.

For stains on most surfaces, there's one product she recommends wholeheartedly. "I recommend a product called Incredible! It lives up to its name as a spot-treater for when life happens. Just spot and blot the stain with Incredible Stain Remover - no washing, rinsing, rubbing, or vacuuming necessary. Gone are all traces of stain and odor - in just a few seconds, like magic," says Kristy.

Turn on the lights, open the drapes, and start the patrol a few weeks before your company arrives, so you're not stressed at the last minute. 

Slipcovers should be dry cleaned or lightly washed and put back on damp so they don’t shrink. Kristy says this is a very common mistake, so be sure to think ahead. 

Dusting is more about elbow grease than finding the right lemon-scented spray. While they promise to remove dust, allergens in dust, and pet dander, Kristy urges us to keep it simple and avoid multi-surface cleansers or spray wax. "Just a damp cloth with a solution of Dawn dish detergent. That will do the trick!"

Quality furniture won't chip, so when you invest in well-made pieces, the maintenance will be minimal and in the end, a much better value. 

Be sure to enlist the help of your family members, make it a potluck and enjoy the party!


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