Neighbors Serving Neighbors

Meet Four Fierce Women That Serve Their West Chester + Liberty Neighbors with an Unbreakable Spirit

Strong women are the backbone of our community. This month, we lift up four fierce women that have spent their careers and personal lives serving this community with an unbreakable spirit and love for neighbors that runs deep.

Christine Matacic

Recently retired after 20 years as a Liberty Township Trustee, Christine Matacic’s résumé reads like a to-do list, with all of the boxes checked. Her plucky spirit spurs those around her to join in, making her a force among volunteers. Christine knows the importance of community.

“All of my various activities have given me an opportunity to make a difference and to work with others to accomplish what cannot be done alone,” she explains. 

Christine is an agent of change and her public service is marked by her goals to keep our town feeling like a place to call home.

“I thoroughly enjoy how Liberty Township has maintained open space, parks, hike and bike trails that give us a better quality of life and maintains a country atmosphere, while providing the amenities of a more urban environment,” she says. 

Chris Xeil Lyons

With 28 years of public service in economic development and local government, Chris Xeil Lyons is a big sister to small businesses and trusted advocate for the economic growth of our community and nearby towns. A lifelong resident of the area, she has witnessed its expansion firsthand and finds joy in volunteering.

“My parents instilled in me at an early age to give back and be involved in the community,” she says. “I’ve been volunteering since grade school. I got used to being the youngest at the table.”

Chris Xeil’s leadership is cultivating a strong community where all voices are heard. 

“I am hopeful we will continue to grow our community’s diversity and deepen the diversity of thoughts and ideas,” she shares.

Margy Conditt

Margy Conditt was the first woman from Butler County to be elected to the Ohio statehouse, serving in the Ohio House of Representatives from 2011-2017, and the first woman to be elected as Liberty Township Trustee, serving 1998-2001. She views her nine years of elected service as a practical answer to a need for help. 

“I have come to realize that our government is run by the people who show up,” Margy says. 

In retirement, she and husband Dave Bruno are active supporters of local nonprofits.

“Serving on the Board of the Boys & Girls Club of West Chester/Liberty has made me aware of the ‘invisible’ need of families in our community,” Margy shares. “We appear to be ‘fine,’ but there are many families in our community who need help from their neighbors.”

She continues, “My hope and prayer for the West Chester/Liberty area is that we continue to grow responsibly as a safe, family-friendly community that cares for each other with neighbors helping neighbors.” 

Barbara Wilson

Peek behind the scenes in West Chester to spot Barbara Wilson, the 19-year Public Information and Engagement Director for the township. Barbara and her team manage communication and plan township events, from the farmers’ market to concerts on The Square. When our community has news, we hear it from her, a voice of grace, kindness and empathy for our growing city. 

“I have had the opportunity to be a small part of creating the special community we live in and that’s very exciting,” Barbara says.

“Welcoming, inclusive, enthusiastic, integrity, proactive, kind—these are all words that community members attribute to where we live,” she adds. “That’s what I aspire to—the motivation for me and my service to the community.”

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