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Never Too Sweet

A bakery with attitude has opened on Burnet Road... and you'll fall in love there

Fresh from Pflugerville, the Instagrammer's dream cake shop has opened in North Austin on Burnet Road. Walk through the door and be faced with a dazzling decor of bright pink and blue banquettes,  sweeps of glitter and flowers, piles of cushions and feathers - and a corner dedicated to disco balls.

And your eyeballs haven't even had the chance to feast on the counter yet. Cakes, cookies of every description, macaroons, pops and pies - in every color, every flavor, with every chance for wild and decadent decoration grabbed with both bakers' hands... brownies, blondies, and their once-tasted, never-forgotten warmed-up cinnamon rolls - its all there, taking on a cool vibe twist reflected in the season. Yes, they cater to those needing gluten-free treats - and your pup too, with dog-friendly bakes.

The owner is Pfulgerville native, April Saldana - a Le Corden Bleu graduate - who encourages customers to sit and pose, and swig lemonade, in her Crestview location (there is another one in Pfulgerville) while feasting on her hard work.

You can never be too sweet, right? Especially at this time of year. Expect lots of hearts and saucy messages this February. And forget about calories and counting carbs for a minute. Treat yourself. You won't regret it.

Find Pflour Shop Bakery at 7413 Burnet Road

For more information, go to

  • The founder of Pflour Shop Bakery, April Saldana