How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)

A Lasting Love Story

Article by Kelsey Galloway

Photography by Three Little Chickadees, Alba Soukup

Originally published in Porter City Lifestyle

Creg and Jennifer Mixon

Some of the most classic love stories start with a little girl chasing the little boy she had a crush on around the playground during recess; Creg and Jennifer Mixon’s story is no different. Despite the early start, their first date wasn't until high school. Creg boldly asked Jennifer out, but she wasn’t allowed to ride in cars with boys. Instead, she challenged him to meet her at a dance in Kingwood. She was thrilled when he showed up. They walked across the street to have dinner that evening.  A week later Creg asked her to be his girlfriend, and from that moment they have been inseparable. With two teenage daughters and a super busy life, being unwavering supporters of each other is one of the keys to their 18-year marriage.

Ty and Terri Trout

Ty and Terri Trout are celebrating 25 years of enduring love and dedication, blessed with the joy of raising two children. When he heard that Terri had a crush on him, Ty Trout bit the bullet and asked her out to a cook-off at Bull Sallas Park. That fun-filled first date rounded out with a sweet kiss goodnight, marking the beginning of their journey together. When asked about their favorite date places in the community, they said they have had so many adventures and love so many things about their hometown that they couldn’t pinpoint just one. However, their favorite place to be is sitting together on their back porch on crisp mornings, sharing a fire and cups of coffee. “Life is so fast, enjoy the time you share and laugh as much as possible.”

Jerry and Tina Tobias

“Commitment. Commitment is the KEY to a successful marriage. A commitment to God, a commitment to one another, and a commitment to our families,” are the wise words from Jerry and Tina Tobias, a pair of NCHS Sweethearts. Having known each other since 5th grade, their lives have truly been entwined for as far back as they can remember. It all began with a courageous phone call from Jerry where Tina turned him down. Little did she know that a rebound phone call would lead to almost 45 years of marriage. Two weeks before Christmas, surrounded by his entire family, Jerry proposed to Tina by placing an engagement box on her plate. Seven months later the two were married, and the rest is history. Together they have weathered many tragedies and tribulations, but they have never wavered in their faith both in God and in each other’s love. Love that stands the test of time like that is an inspiration, and Tina said she hopes that they will indeed inspire other couples to make that commitment and see it through no matter what.

In February, everyone’s thoughts tend towards love and relationships. One of the sweetest stories of all is when two people begin as high school sweethearts and make their first love, their only love. There's something about a first love that stamps a memory on your heart. A few held onto those first loves, planted a seed that grew into a garden, and are still watering it with love many years later. Out of over 50 couples nominated on our PCL FB page, read about three that were selected.

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