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2024 Pets

Short Pump City Lifestyle is Giving Readers an Opportunity to Showcase Their Pets in Upcoming Issues

Our pets hold a special place in our hearts, offering us unconditional love and cute cuddles that brighten up our days. To celebrate our furry family members, Short Pump City Lifestyle is excited to introduce a new monthly feature, 'Pet of the Month.’ Every month, a selected pet will enjoy a 15-minute professional photo shoot with Beloved Pet & Equine Photography to capture their unique charm and playful spirit. Additionally, they will be featured on a full magazine page dedicated solely to them. Get ready to submit your furry friend's cutest photos for a chance to be featured as Short Pump City Lifestyle’s 'Pet of the Month' starting in March 2024.

To submit your pet for a chance to be featured in Short Pump City Lifestyle, visit: