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New in Lake Minnetonka

Visit these new businesses making their debut in Lake Minnetonka!

Red Cow

Wayzata welcomed its newest foodie destination this past October, with Red Cow opening the doors to their sixth location.

“Wayzata was always on the map for us,” says owner Luke Shimp. “We’re excited to become part of the community and be where people gather for great food and great drinks whether you come by yourself to hang out, with friends or family, or as a date night.” 

A 21st-century tap room, Red Cow offers an elevated burger experience in a tavern setting with 32 wines by the glass and 36 craft beers and cocktails. “Everything we serve has a twist and gourmet flair,” describes Luke. “Most of our dishes incorporate flavors I’ve encountered from traveling, like my menu favorite, the Barcelona Burger. When I traveled to Barcelona and had the food, I thought, ‘These flavors would be so good on a burger!’” 

Other new dishes at the Wayzata location include Poke Bowls and Chowder Fries, a new iteration of Poutine where you’ll enjoy a heaping pour of clam chowder over your fries instead of gravy. “Our vision for the future is for each Red Cow to have its own signature burgers and some unique dishes to its location,” says Luke.

Luke, his wife Tracy, and two sons work and run the business. “We’re a family-owned business, and it’s so much fun to work together as a family. When we open a new restaurant, we’re always in it for the long haul, creating a 20-, 30-year vision, becoming part of the community; we want to be your second kitchen,” shares Luke. 

“I always feel flattered when guests choose us,” says Luke. “Guests have a choice for where they eat, and whether you’re coming out for a quick bite or making a night of it, we take that seriously and want to deliver, giving guests a wonderful experience.”

Try out their new menu and learn more:

Lilia Flower Boutique

Lilia Flower Boutique has arrived in Excelsior. After outgrowing her space in Deephaven, owner Liz Mattingly moved into her new location on Water Street, bringing with her the most divine, locally-grown, and unique specialty flowers you won’t find anywhere else. 

“My main job is scouring the earth for the most insane flowers,” says Liz. “That’s where the root of my passion lies, to find something so incredible that it’s almost unbelievable that it exists in real life. I remember the feeling when I walked into the first flower shop I worked at, and I had this moment of discovery that I couldn’t believe a place like this existed, and I want to share that same feeling.” 

In the new location, you’ll find retail space upstairs, showcasing premade floral arrangements in a stunning glass display cooler under the staircase alongside a beautiful array of gift items, including Maison La Bougie candles, gorgeous vases, outlandish card designs from Bench Pressed, and delectable chocolates from Parisian chocolatier La Maison Du Chocolate, undoubtedly a choice influenced by her husband, Julian who is from Brittany, France. 

Downstairs, however, is where the magic truly happens and where Liz creates exquisite floral arrangements for every occasion. 

“I feel this incredible honor to be included in the most special moments in people’s lives,” shares Liz. “It’s not just about buying flowers. People come to us for an emotional reason. It’s a huge privilege, and that’s the most rewarding part about being a florist: to be present in weddings and funerals and declarations of undying love, holding space for them during these huge moments.” 

With Liz’s arrangements, there’s no recipe. “We first ask guests why they’re here, and then we’re able to guide them on which flowers to choose. I tell my staff that for every single arrangement they make, they have to find something that makes them go, ‘Wow, that’s so special.’” 

Liz is also planning to share her wild love of flowers through monthly and bi-weekly flower classes now that she finally has enough space in the new shop. 

“I’m most excited to greet people and be able to share the magic of these amazing flowers,” says Liz. 

Learn more at and be sure to stop into Lilia Flower Boutique if, for no other reason than to enjoy the heavenly scent of beautiful flowers.

It’s not just about buying flowers. People come to us for an emotional reason. It’s a huge privilege, and that’s the most rewarding part about being a florist.