New Options for Women's Health

Aurea IV Spa has expanded their treatment options, this time for women.

Along with their already considerable array of wellness services, Aurea IV Spa is focusing on female intimacy and wellness treatments. It has recently added two physicians to their staff of highly skilled practitioners. Dr. Amanda Andrade and Dr. Michael Balat joined Plaza OB/GYN & Associates, which is also owned and operated by Aurea's chief medical director Dr. Isam Balat.

Dr. Andrade and Dr. Balat, along with their other highly qualified providers, will focus on female intimacy and wellness treatments. Aurea IV Spa believes that intimate health is linked to overall health and is committed to leading the way with various treatment options for female wellness in Houston.

The spa provides various options for patients such as vaginal rejuvenation with the MonaLisa Touch. MonaLisa Touch uses a gentle laser to stimulate the tissues' collagen production, typically with just three procedures over 18 weeks. Aurea also offers Cliovana, a female intimacy treatment that uses sound wave technology to boost cellular regeneration and improve nerve function. Emsella is another breakthrough treatment that can stimulate up to 11,000 Kegel contractions in under 30 minutes. Emsella technology provides a non-invasive option for women suffering from incontinence.

All of these treatments are conducted within the doctor's office in a matter of 5-10 minutes and do not require an anesthetic as they are virtually painless. If you have any questions about these female intimacy and wellness services or would like to book a consultation, please visit, aureaivspa.com.

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