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Peace Of Mind Permadex Roofing: Designed For Decades Of Trouble-Free Use

Due to when many flat or low-slope roofs in Nashville were completed, local industry professionals indicate those roofs are nearing the end of their reliable lifespans. Roofs sealed with commonly used Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) are covered by only a single-ply roofing membrane. Now, there's an alternative roofing solution, Permadex, created by Nashville general contractor Russ Mabry. 

"I was handling a lot of historic renovation projects, with flat or below-pitch roofs covering critical spaces, such as master bedrooms and kitchens. When TPO roofs leak, they can cause both cosmetic messes and structural damage. So, I wanted to identify a better, longer-lasting roofing solution for my customers," says Russ, who formulated Permadex as a Fiberglas-based product to provide seamless roof coverings. 

Russ says Permadex works by applying specific flashings and trims, covered by a matting and then applying specific resins. Those layers are topped with a gel-coat finish to establish a less penetrable, durable roof without seams, he adds. 

He says he originally saw a similar application in Europe. But when he couldn't find a U.S. distributor for that product, he created Permadex about two years ago. 

"We use materials widely used in the marine industry, which are resistant to the harshest chemicals and years of UV exposure," he says. 

Russ also is working with two other Nashville construction pros to develop a manufacturing and franchising business model based on the product. Childhood friends and local combat veterans, Lelan Williams and T.K. Thomas, parlayed Lelan's knowledge of composite systems and T.K.'s dedication to craftsmanship to develop the Permadex System. 

Lelan, owner of the residential siding and roofing company MJ Exteriors, says he's been looking for an economical product to replace residential use of the TPO roofing system. T.K., luthier and owner of a high-end residential service company, says he was dedicated to improvements in products and processes that delivered utmost quality.

Lelan and T.K. indicate an annual cleaning, inspection and application of flooring wax is all the care necessary to ensure the maintenance of the Permadex System. They're also willing to provide complimentary consultations, and confirm their crews are able to clean up any remediation work necessary from replacing prior roofs. 

"Additionally, we believe Permadex is the perfect solution for Nashville's rooftop decks, because it's designed for decades-long use," says Russ. 

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