New Year, New Changes

Are you in pain right now?

Are you in pain right now?
I think we all are. Pain is relative to everyone’s different life experiences of course.
You are either in pain staying the same, but wishing things were different; or you’re going through the pain of creating change in your life.
Going back to the old you with your old ways of doing things will only make the pain greater.
The unhappiness, the shame, fear, jealousy, self-doubt of your old life will always be worse than the pain of growing and changing into who you want to be.
You already know that pain. There’s no sense in going back there. Use the pain of newness to motivate you to never go back to the place you were dissatisfied with.

Why does the new year feel so enticing for changes?
Why aren’t we sad about the ending of a year? Why do we only feel exited and
motivated by the coming of a new year? Because there is something to look forward to.
We’re thinking about the future, not the past. We’re thinking about what COULD be, not what we are giving up and leaving in the past and can’t have or do or be anymore.
So it’s no coincidence that this is by far the most popular time for setting goals and making intentions about our health and fitness.
As a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, my #1 goal is to help people see their health and fitness as the best investment they could ever make. Not a place to pinch pennies and try out different methods every month to see what might work, but to see your body and your health as the most valuable investment you’ll ever make!
We’re given one body, and if it fails, there’s not a single thing you can buy that will matter anymore. When it comes to our body, the only real insurance is preventative. The most important thing we can take care of is our health.
I’ve seen the trend from a different perspective over the years, from within the gym: when January hits, there’s a big spike in gym attendance and overall motivation. It lasts for about 3-4 months, and then inevitably it slows down as the seasons change, priorities shift and life fills up with other responsibilities. After summer ends, vacations are over and routines resume; the holidays start to creep onto the calendar, and then we are just far too busy to commit to a regular workout program or diet. So when the new year comes around again, it’s a natural opportunity for a fresh start and a clean slate.

The reason it’s so easy to fall out of our new year, new me habits is because when we set them, we were not concerned with our past. It’s a blank slate - the calendar said so.
As cliche as it might feel, that is a powerful tool in psychology.
The further we get from January 1 on the calendar, the harder we are on ourselves for some reason. I want to remind you to approach the changes we want to make all year long, with the same attitude we have on our new year’s resolutions. The past is behind us, and each new day is a new, blank slate. Far too often, people tell me they have messed up on their goals, or have failed at one diet or another workout plan. The truth is - you can’t actually mess this up. You started with one body, and you still have one body. As long as you are willing to put in the work, it’s never too late.
I help women become confident and independent in their own fitness journey. I do this by empowering them with knowledge of proper form and providing them with the exact program to follow so they walk into the gym with a plan, knowing exactly what to do.
If you’re interested in learning more about taking care of your health and fitness, follow along on Instagram @hannah_trains. If this article resonated with you, I’d love to hear from you! Let me know what you think over at

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