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Learn What's So Special About The Lagree Fitness Method

Lagree is a high-intensity, low-impact workout that stimulates core strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance, and flexibility. The method is patented and performed entirely on our patented equipment that uses variable resistance and dynamic tension to strengthen, tighten, and tone the body. Here in our backyard, Fit5studio brings the Lagree Method to Fort Collins. At FIT5 STUDIO, you will experience 50-minutes of calorie-burning, muscle quivering, heart pumping music, and total body conditioning, strengthening, lengthening and sculpting in a encouraging small-group class setting. Your shirt will be drenched in sweat, oh yeah- lots of sweat, your muscle will be shaking and your heart rate will be pumping. The Workout uses a machine called the Megaformer M3, which offers an infinite amount of exercise options, spring loads, resistance and counter resistance which encourages maximum exertion, with low impact, zero periods of rest for most effective muscle stimulation. Low impact exercises will not only safe your joints and reduce any risk of injury in the future, but also provide you with safe way to workout. No one ever said low impact has to be low intensity! Each and every exercise is performed super slow and controlled with long sets and super quick transitions. All exercises are developed to work multiple muscles at once, maintaining constant tension and constant movement, avoiding isolation and focusing on core stabilization and great posture and form. Magic happens outside your comfort zone, that's where your transformation takes shape!

1.The Elevator Lunge, The movement is up-and-down, like an Elevator. Pulling from the back of the leg and keeping a perfect alignment from the knee to the ankle is essential for keeping the balance between quads and hamstrings.

2.Here, Sora is guiding her through the movements, queuing, leveling hip and knee.Flexing the foot, pressing through the entire foot, slowly push the foot of the primary leg up towards the ceiling using the glute and the muscles in the back of the leg. Bringing the leg back down, maintaining constant tension on the muscles and on the bungee cord.

3.With the long black cables, sitting on the tailbone, on the carriage, facing the back, with the torso leaned back at a 60º angle. Squeeze the biceps and bend the arms drawing the handles to the shoulders as the carriage opens away from the front platform. Slowly extend the arms, maintaining tension on the biceps, as the carriage travels back towards the front platform.

4.Kneeling on the carriage facing the front. With the long black handles, arms begin at the sides with the elbows bent at 90º, palms facing up. Pressing through the chest, lift and straighten the arms towards the front. Bending at the elbows, return to starting position keeping tension on the chest, biceps, and front shoulders.

5.Kneeling on the carriage, facing the back. Use the cables to bring the carriage towards the back platform and place the elbows on the back platform. The shoulders directly above the elbows.  Slowly and with control, keep the shoulders over the elbows, and send the lower body and carriage towards the front. 

6.Sweep the primary leg back towards the front of the machine, keeping the leg straight, and engaging the glute at the end of the movement. Keep the spine stable. Keeping the leg straight, bring the leg back to the side of carriage, resisting the tension from the springs and engaging the obliques. Keep tension constant on the springs, obliques, and the back of the primary leg. The primary leg will stop before it is inline with the hip.

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