Newley's Big Adventure

Meet Newley, 14 1/2 years old, Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever Mix

We adopted Newley, our yellow lab/golden retriever mix, when she was about 4 months old from the rescue group, Adopt a Golden Atlanta. Now she is 14 1/2 years old and spends her days taking short walks, napping, and insisting she needs another treat.

She's had her share of adventures, like the time we came home to find her with red paws. We were scared to death until we realized she ate a marker. Her adventure 6 years ago had to be the biggest. In 2017, our daughter who had Newley with her, was in a car accident. Another car hit the rear passenger side near where Newley was sitting. Newley got spooked, jumped out of the broken window, and disappeared into the woods behind Roswell City Hall.

Many volunteers from all over Atlanta, and many from our community searched for her, put up posters, shared sightings, and ultimately helped locate her and bring her home after the 6 days she was missing. We are incredibly grateful for every one of the people who helped look for her and find her! Luckily, she only had a small cut on her front leg, and after returning home, didn’t leave our yard for several weeks.

I’d say she had enough of the outdoors for a while! She has been the best dog for our family and we are thankful for rescue groups like Adopt a Golden Atlanta who help find homes for these amazing dogs.  

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