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Local Clothier Inherent Teams Up with Award-Winning Costume Designer Janie Bryant

Article by Ashley Hamershock

Photography by AMC Networks Press Center/ Steven De La Roche Photography

Originally published in Colorado Springs Lifestyle

Psssstttt….. Did you know there’s a dash of Hollywood in Colorado Springs?

A local menswear shop, Inherent, has partnered with one of Hollywood’s top costume designers on a collection just for men.

Janie Bryant, renowned for her groundbreaking costumes on Mad Men and Deadwood, has been nominated for 18 awards and won three, including an Emmy and two from the Costume Designer’s Guild.

In the past, she has collaborated with various brands, including Banana Republic, Sony and Nike. But she had long desired to design a full menswear collection. In 2020, her branding agency sent her a lookbook (a collection of photographs compiled to show off a clothing line in the fashion industry) from a new luxury clothier based in Colorado Springs.

Bryant loved the style. And serendipitously, owner Taylor Draper shared a last name with the impeccably dressed protagonist Don Draper in AMC’s long-running Mad Men, a show he loved.

Bryant and Draper soon hopped on a Zoom call.

The Rest Is History

“We just really connected on a great, creative level,” Bryant said. “I loved the fact that Inherent is a start-up company. We have basically free rein to tell our story. The world is our oyster.”

Draper agreed, “It’s been a dream come true. Janie is a dear friend now, and she’s the most gracious, kind person I know.”

The timing was perfect. With Covid-19 temporarily stalling work Hollywood, Bryant had more margin in her schedule. She and Draper got to work and promptly launched the Bryant/Draper collection by Inherent—16 pieces, including suits, a sports coat, a dinner jacket, shirts, belts, shoes, a tux and even a top coat.

“It’s a timeless capsule,” Draper said. “If you owned this whole collection, you’d be set in your wardrobe. All/most pieces are interchangeable and designed in such a way that will never go out of style, while still nodding to classic 30’s and 60’s inspiration.”

Chocolate browns. Rich greens. The pallet is masculine. Strong. Warm.

“When we designed the collection, I really wanted it to be inspired by the ever-so-stylish men of Hollywood. … I always do believe that the suit can make the man,” Bryant said.

Look Great; Feel Great

It wasn’t just the clothes that drew Bryant to work with Draper; it was also Inherent’s broader mission: To empower men in their journey toward mental wellness.

“I know the power of clothing and how that can totally change your vibration,” Bryant said. “Clothing can make you feel empowered. It can make you feel amazing. It can make you feel happy.”

Foundation by Inherent exists to help create a healthier world for men—to empower them to rise above the expectations placed on them by society and focus on mental wellness.

Sometimes, that requires therapy. Other times, feeling better might be as simple as donning a perfectly tailored suit.

“It’s scientifically proven that if you feel confident in how you’re dressed, you can overcome things like depression and anxiety,” Draper said. “For me, it really helped me get through the toughest part of my life, and gave me the confidence to speak openly about my feelings.”

Past, Present + Future

After studying fashion design, then working in Paris and New York, Bryant moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a Hollywood costume designer.

Deadwood and Mad Men cemented her reputation as one of the best. More recent projects have included costume designing for The Last Tycoon, IT, The Romanoffs, Deadwood: The Movie, The Old Man and Why Women Kill.

These days? She’s working on costumes for on 1883, a prequel to the hit show Yellowstone, featuring Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Sam Elliott.

Meanwhile, she’s already thinking about additional collaborations with Inherent, which pairs the luxury of a personal tailor with the convenience of a digital concierge. It offers online appointment bookings, as well as home, office or web-based custom fittings. Great for anyone, anywhere.

“That is definitely our intention to have future collections,” she said. “I am thrilled to be part of this company.”

Last thoughts?

“I think it’s important for us to be kind to each other,” Bryant said.

Yes, please. 

Bryant’s Website: http://janiebryant.com/
Instagram: @janiebryant + @costumedesignerjaniebryant

Inherent’s Website: https://thisisinherent.com/
Facebook + Instagram: @thisisinherent


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