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From brain fog to conquering a 14-er, Prime IV Hydration and Wellness can improve your mind and body - naturally!

"Prime IV is fantastic! I went in feeling very low in energy and a little dehydrated. In just a short time, I left feeling ready to take on life again!"

Owner Dustin Johnston discusses IV therapy and its benefits. 

What are the main benefits?

The benefits of IV Therapy include instant hydration of the body and a supply of high-dose nutrients that most people are chronically deficient in. Those nutrients are delivered in such a way that the body is able to absorb 100% of the vitamins, minerals and amino acids. In comparison, only15% - 20% of nutrients are absorbed from oral supplements. All the IV therapy treatments are compounded on-site to meet each client's custom needs while providing a 2.5 gallon equivalent of electrolyte hydration.

What type of person is a prime candidate for your treatments?

From high-performing athletes and weekend warriors to clients suffering from chronic health issues such as high blood pressure and migraines, we see clients of all ages, ranging from high school and college students to seniors. We can help achieve goals of weight loss, skin & aging repair, mental acuity and illness recovery.  We recommend 1-2 treatments a month for optimal results. 

How do your treatments improve athletic performance? 

Our performance treatments aid in tissue repair and cell turnover so that damaged muscle and tissue recover faster after rigorous physical activity. Treatments work best either a day or two prior to the performance to prepare the body for the activity or after the event to help the body recover. For our altitude sickness and jetlag treatments, it's best to treat after the trip to rehydrate and replenish lost nutrients the body uses to fight those conditions.

Will any new therapies be offered in 2022? 

Cryotherapy will be offered later this year. It is great for increased circulation, muscle recovery and cellular repair and is extremely effective in treating inflammation as well as helping achieve weight loss and muscle tone goals. 

What do you find most rewarding?

The most rewarding part of this business is the ability to help people live better and to have more energy to pursue their passions in life. With the variety of patients we see, we get the privilege of helping people live healthier lives, perform better in the activities they enjoy, and even help those battling different diseases or chronic conditions...and do so with 100% natural nutrients, nothing synthetic. 

To learn more visit primeivhydration.com/locations/colorado/parker-co/ or call 303-952-9740.

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