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The Brandpreneur Helps You Make A Brand New Start in 2020 with Tips to enhance your Brand Reputation online


The concept of becoming a brand is nothing new, but more recently with the popularity of social media, it has taken on new heights because we now have the ability to communicate with individuals on a scale like never before.

Today our phones are no longer devices used solely for voice communications but are like having a multimedia production studio in your pocket.

As we approach the new year, I would like to encourage you to think about your brand and how you can leverage being known for something to help your professional career and or business.

So what is a brand? A brand is two things, and two things only. It’s what you want to be known for and how you want to make people feel.

All great brands are known for one thing and make people feel a certain way. As you are building out your list of goals for the year, take these things into consideration if one of your goals is to become a brand.


Pick one social media platform to go all in on. This platform primarily is the one in which your target audience uses the most or where you have gotten the most engagement to date. On this platform don’t just post, but engage with others as well, being sure not to sell at first. When building your brand, the only thing you want people to pay is attention.


Friends online are nothing like friends in person. That does not make them any less valuable. Your online friends have the ability to help expand your reach and your network. Make them. Friends online is you like and comment on my post, I’ll like and comment on your post. LET’S BE FRIENDS!


I don’t care how good your content is. I don’t care how much time you’ve put into the perfect video. At the end of the day, consistency wins. Develop a pattern and a schedule that you can maintain long-term for online. Don’t expect thousands of followers on Day one, two or three. It takes time, but if you are consistent you can grow.


People get bored very quickly. When it comes to social, you can’t be a one-trick pony. Continue to try new ideas and leverage video, images and words in various forms and formats to keep your audience guessing. Keep them guessing, keep them engaged.


Check out what some of your competitors are doing and then do something different. Being different is not a bad thing. In today’s competitive and highly saturated environment, it’s not only a great thing, it’s what gets you noticed. Now, I said be different, not distracting. Use good common sense and knowledge of your industry as a guide.

Nick F. Nelson is a  Brandpreneur, CEO & Brand Champion. Ready to take your brand to the next level? Reach out at 678.612.4780 or

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