No Dog Left Behind

Rescuing Man’s Best Friend

Charles Darwin once said, “The love for all living creatures is the noblest attribute
of man.” Dogs are commonly known as man’s best friend for the way they love
unconditionally and passionately. A dog is the only animal on the planet that will love
his owner more than himself. Unfortunately, every day these creatures are subjected to
starvation, abandonment, abuse, and so many other ugly actions. This information
inspired Jean Harrison, an avid dog lover, to be a part of the solution. Over a decade
ago, she created Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving
dogs from horrible living situations and being euthanized. Unlike shelters and the
Humane Society, Big Fluffy Dog relies solely on donations and adoption fees to support
its needs. They also take on the worst cases, which most rescues and shelters turn
away. “No dog left behind,” is the motto for the organization coined by Jean and her
staff of individuals with compassionate hearts of gold. Big Fluffy Dog’s staff is
extremely passionate about its mission and devotes long hours to rescuing and
rehabilitating dogs from all over the east side of the United States. On staff, they have a
vet tech named Hailey, who dispenses medication, heartworm tests, most vaccines,
fecal matter testing, and microchipping. For other needs beyond their abilities, animals
are sent to local vet partnerships. They also have partnerships with many shelters that
will report dogs in desperate need of help. Lower-income communities, abusive homes,
and dogs being surrendered from families are several ways Big Fluffy Dog receives
dogs in imperative need of revitalization. They take on the most expensive and horrible
cases from physically vulnerable dogs to ones near death’s door. Even if a dog’s
physical state makes death inevitable, Big Fluffy Dog gives them a place to pass away
where they are loved and in peace.

Big Fluffy Dog has an intense and thorough process of vetting adoption and foster care
candidates. Background checks for criminal activity, verification of home ownership,
and checking their history of care for past and current pets are vital and mandatory
information. Phone interviews are also conducted in order to learn more about the
family life, habitat, and lifestyle of the candidates. All these criteria are essential since
certain breeds require particular environments. The placement of these dogs is taken very
seriously by Jean and her staff since these aren’t simply animals, but innocent
creatures with hearts and feelings. Most dogs in their care have experienced immense
trauma and cruelty and only want to be loved by someone. There are countless
success stories of foster and adoptions that went so well, that customers came back to Big
Fluffy Dog for more animals. A community Facebook group dedicated to foster care
families to support and help one another in whatever ways needed is also available.

As Big Fluffy Dog grows, its demands and needs for funding, supplies, volunteers, and
caretakers. In fact, so far this year, 360 dogs have been taken into custody,
while 395 dogs have been adopted. The goal is to double those numbers by the time
this year is finished. Any help is greatly appreciated by both the staff and the incredible
dogs they rescue. For more information visit the organization’s website through or their Facebook at Big Fluffy Dog Rescue.

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