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No Limits

Jessi (Divine) Erickson proves there’s No Limits every time she hits the gym

For traveling labor & delivery nurse, Jessi (Divine) Erickson, the first step of the day usually happens at the crack of dawn, Five A.M., with the last step not occurring until nearly 15 hours later. That’s why on her days off, a trip to her gym - Maximum Performance Physical Therapy & Fitness - is of utmost importance. A native of Wamego, Jessi has been developing a workout routine at Maximum Performance since 2010 - but it hasn’t always been that easy. “When I first walked into this gym, I was so intimidated. I just told myself they’re not looking at you. Everybody is here to work on themselves. They want to be a better version of themselves. The biggest person that you need to battle is yourself.” For Jessi, getting past those first few steps leading into the gym proved to be crucial. “When I started here, I was in a spot in my life when I was so weak minded. But every day I stepped in here, I felt myself getting mentally tougher. I could have gone downhill in a hurry had I not found this place.” She also adds that she is grateful for not only the gym itself, but for her trainer, Fitness Director, Aaron Akin. “In the beginning for me, it was great having a leader and coach for me to look up to and to work hard for. After awhile, we started to workout together to hold each other accountable, but due to my schedule, it’s harder to workout together. Now, I’m essentially on my own. It is much harder to workout on your own, but I like ‘Max P’ because my trainers are still always here. This place is much more than a gym, it is a family” The best advice she can give to any person looking to get it I shape is pretty simple: “Just get in here. It’s a mental battle, especially when you’re exhausted, but just build a routine. It’s a big part of my life, and like a lot of people who come in here, it’s not an option. Just get in here, get it done, and get out” 
Maximum Performance Physical Therapy and Fitness. Celebrating 20 years in 2022! 426 McCall Rd. Manhattan 

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