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How Lee Lyn Construction transformed one family’s house into their forever home

It all started with wanting a bigger kitchen. 

Greg and Bobbie Stier weren’t sure where to begin. Their 1965-built rambler was missing some of the amenities found in modern homes. They considered several options: remodeling their current home, rebuilding their house entirely, or just selling and buying a larger home. 

“We’d lived in the neighborhood for almost 10 years,” Greg says. “We’ve made many friends and settled into the kids’ school. The radius of where we were willing to move was really small, and the market for houses was really competitive, so we decided to remodel.” 

The Stiers were ready to do something with their home right before the COVID pandemic hit in early 2020. 

“We started the process at a bad time,” Greg says. “We brought in four or five different builders as part of our initial consultation. Some of the builders seemed to be more concerned with making our project bigger for their portfolio versus what we wanted or needed. We received a lot of pressure to increase our budget.”

Some relatives of Greg’s had built a home with Lee Lyn Construction, so he was familiar with their work. He and his wife met with them and realized that Lee Lyn was different from the builders they’d met with before. 

“They actually listened to the gripes we had with the house, and they immediately gave us options that were achievable within our budget,” Greg says. “They never once pressured us to increase it.”

Dana Dziuk, owner of Lee Lyn Construction, says it’s important to start early when thinking of remodeling or building so you choose the right builder. 

“There are exceptional companies in this field,” Dana says. “Remodeling or building a home is a thorough process. It’s important to feel a connection with who you choose. I genuinely care not only about transforming your space but also about the emotions brought forth during this process. We set the bar high, ensuring our clients, even years later, are beyond satisfied.”

With the Stiers’ home, Dana says the project changed from one concept to an entirely different one, which reflected what the Stiers really wanted to achieve with their goals and budget. The Stiers knew they needed more space, particularly in their kitchen and master bedroom. 

“The real challenge was knowing what we could do within our budget,” Greg says. “We had different wants, and Dana helped us by breaking those down so we could create a plan we were happy with.”

The result is what looks like a new house. Lee Lyn Construction added an addition that spans the entire length of the house (about 50 feet) and bumps out eight feet. The kitchen nearly doubled in size, making room for a lovely island for gathering and entertaining. The master bedroom also doubled in size, adding a walk-in closet and spa-like bathroom with a large shower and heated floors. The entire main floor also got an update, including new floors, trim, and doors. There’s also a new front porch with peaks for added curb appeal. 

“It’s truly a home they can enjoy for the rest of their lives,” Dana says. Lee Lyn Construction focuses on the function and day-to-day details that make their clients’ lives easier. One of Dana’s favorite parts of her work is witnessing a client experience something they haven’t before. Some examples are adding a light in the pantry that comes on automatically or putting an outlet in a place for a special appliance or item the client has in mind. 

“It’s the details that make their lives easier and add an extra custom touch,” Dana says. “Trends are fun and exciting, but I focus on what’s going to make the biggest impact in their lives for the investment they’re making.” 

The construction of the Stiers’ addition went smoothly and was even done before the four-month timeline Dana promised. While construction was going on, the family stayed in the house. 

“A family of four sharing one tiny bathroom and living out of the garage and basement for four months is challenging,” Greg says. “But the end result is fantastic. We’re in love with our new house. The new kitchen has inspired everyone in the family to take an interest in cooking.”

See the work of Lee Lyn Construction during the Remodelers Showcase April 5 - 7 at 1891 Campfire Drive in Waconia, where they’ve transformed the lower level for the homeowner. If you have a home project in mind, contact Dana at dana@leelynconstruction.com or visit their website at https://leelynconstruction.com/index.htm

Remodeling or building a home is a thorough process. It’s important to feel a connection with who you choose.

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