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Low on Sugar, Big on Spice

Laura’s Healthy Delights Defy Dessert Traditions

Laura Bell has baked “healthy delights” for both tennis pros and the U.S. Soccer team. But her nutritious treats aren’t just served at elite athlete luncheons—you don’t have to go any farther than Hometown Café (plus five other spots Cincy-wide).

Culinary-educated and wellness-certified, Laura’s learning began in her family’s Mexico City kitchen. “All the women worked together,” Laura says. “Every weekend was spending time cooking.”

Laura bonded with her grandma in that kitchen—she’s convinced she was her grandma’s favorite. “She never shared recipes,” Laura laughs. “But she shared with me. The special times talking about her past, she didn’t spend that kind of time with anybody else. She was ‘full of spice.’”

Just like Laura’s zucchini bread. Made with almond flour, pecans, currants and grapeseed oil, it has a moist texture and slightly savory flavor that complements the spices.

With her grandmother’s passing, Laura reminisces about kitchen days with her mother back in Mexico. “She’s my best friend—every single day we call,” Laura smiles. “She’s nurturing, good with advice—my mom is very sweet.”

As sweet as Laura’s chocolate chip cookies, you could say. With a richness that isn’t from chocolate and butter, but chocolate and maple syrup.

Teenage daughter, Andi, is the other influencing female in Laura’s life. When Andi was three, doctors removed an underdeveloped kidney—the family needed to become mindful of sugar, sodium and saturated fats in Andi’s diet. From that moment, Laura dedicated herself to cooking healthy.

“I fight for and love her,” Laura says. “She’s all the flavors that I can put into one recipe.” Which is exactly like her pecan pie bars—coconut oil, pecans and cinnamon create a fall-inspired taste-bud explosion. 

If seeing is believing, check out Laura’s IG. Our advice? Skip the pics and go straight to the source. | @laurashealthydelights