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Dental Design Studio Partners Graduate From Prestigious Kois Center

Dr. Sara Spurlock and Dr. Jennifer Jenkins, partners at Norman’s Dental Design Studio (, recently graduated from the prestigious Kois Center. Graduation from this continuing education program requires participants to complete over 200 hours of instruction, demonstration and training, culminating in each candidate’s presentation of a clinical case to their peers.

Spurlock and Jenkins are only the second and third Oklahoma dentists to graduate from the center, and are the only female dentists to do so to date.

The one-of-a-kind Kois Center offers a unique educational experience in dentistry through evidence-based, unbiased scientific research. Unlike many programs, classes are updated annually, enabling graduates and their practices to stay on the cutting edge of procedures and technology.

“For our last class, we were given the opportunity to bring cases from our practices to present and be evaluated by the greatest minds in our profession, not just at the podium but in the audience as well,” Spurlock said.

“Our classmates are dentists we have admired from afar, observing their beautiful dentistry on social media as well as in dental publications. The cases presented by both ourselves and our classmates were unique, complex and challenging.”

Both doctors said admission to this program was very professionally fulfilling, and that the Kois Center represents the best continuing education the dental profession has to offer. Under the direction of founder Dr. John Kois, the material presented is not driven by paid sponsorships from dental supply companies, but rather is vetted by countless hours of research, clinical trials and independent studies.

During the course, Spurlock presented a tough case involving a patient in her mid-70s who had developed an anterior open bite issue, in which some of the top and bottom teeth don’t make contact when the teeth are closed. A comprehensive treatment plan was created to improve her function and the aesthetics of her smile.

Jenkins, meanwhile, presented a case involving a woman in her 30s who wanted cosmetic treatment after orthodontic treatment. Issues with bone loss and the stability of her teeth made the treatment challenging, but the results were excellent.

“By far, the best part of attending the Kois Center is the quality and character of people that it attracts,” Spurlock said. “Dr. Kois is unmatched in his quest for improving our profession through science. His lecture style, the science, systems, technology and techniques are unparalleled, but the energy and the heartbeat of the center are what resonate with us. It’s what continues to inspire us long after we have returned home and compels us to return.”

  • Drs. Spurlock and Jenkins