North Texas Migraine Challenge

Helping you to live a migraine-free life

An increasing number of people suffer from debilitating migraine headaches every day, and the number of sufferers is growing at an alarming rate. When I met Dr. Paul Queen, owner of Straight Up Chiropractic, he shared his personal migraine story with me.

His first migraine attacked when he was in college at New Mexico State University, studying electrical engineering. Experiencing headaches so severe that he would find himself throwing up at an intersection trying to get home, Dr. Queen began the journey of searching for relief through traditional medical channels.

After visiting numerous doctors and specialists over the years, Dr. Queen was given no answers, no hope and very little relief. He was told that he would just have to live a life punctuated by severe migraine headaches and to keep his medicine close.

After retiring from his first profession in a family-owned business, Dr. Queen decided he wanted to pursue a second career helping others live healthier lives. He was passionate about children and families and chose chiropractic care to fulfill his dream.

While on a trip to visit his mother in the Dallas area, Dr. Queen found the Parker College of Chiropractic school and decided it was the right place for him to pursue his chiropractic studies.

Little did he know this decision would provide him the opportunity to cross paths with someone who would cure his migraine headache condition without medicine. His life was changed forever.

One day during his first trimester of chiropractic school, Dr. Queen felt a migraine coming on. One of his professors recommended he visit an on-campus doctor for help. Dr. Queen chuckled to himself because of the numerous doctors and specialists he had seen over the years to no avail. Yet, he decided to go to the on-campus doctor as he was miserable and desperate.

This particular doctor practiced corrective care chiropractic, which was vastly different from the numerous prescription-writing doctors he had seen in the past. Dr. Queen was not only given relief, but he also got an answer as to why he was getting migraines in the first place.

After this initial visit, Dr. Queen was on the path to living a migraine-free life.

Dr. Queen completed chiropractic school and now owns one of the largest pediatric based chiropractic clinics in the North Texas area, caring for kids with anxiety and sensory disorders. While working with children, Dr. Queen came into contact with parents who shared his previous struggle with migraine headaches. He became committed to helping them live migraine-free through corrective care chiropractic, just as he had.

Dr. Queen's good friends and colleagues, Drs Cotey and Amanda Jordan from the Pittsburgh, PA area, have helped thousands of migraine sufferers to get their lives back through corrective chiropractic care. They founded the Pittsburgh Migraine Challenge, challenging even more people to live migraine-free lives.

Dr. Queen is teaming up with Drs Cotey and Amanda Jordan to bring the Migraine Challenge to North Texas. Dr. Queen says, " There are thousands of people in our local area who are suffering from migraines just like I did. They are searching for help and hope for the answer to their pain." Dr. Queen is passionate about helping local residents with their life-limiting migraine condition.

When not helping patients through chiropractic care, you can find Dr. Queen spending time on his small north Texas ranch, riding and showing horses. The bond he has with his horses helps him to focus on the needs of his patients and earn their trust.

Learn more about the Migraine Challenge and living migraine-free by visiting Dr. Queen at Straight-Up Chiropractic located at 5531 Virginia Pkwy #300, McKinney, TX 75071 or at www.ntxmigraine.com.

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