Northside Cheer, FTW

Meet the Northside High School Cheer Team. 

The 20 members practice 20 hours a week in high season, cheering for football games and preparing for competitions.

Coaches Valerie Moyer and Erica Waters keep the girls motivated with the help of the team's three senior leaders Gigi Fulbright, Jade Cortese and Erin Jackson.

We asked members about how they stay fueled up to tackle their busy high school schedules and how cheering feeds their soul. They inspire us!

Zoey Schwartz, 10th grade

"I have been cheering since seventh grade. My favorite power snack is a granola bar. For lunch, I like to eat salads and celery. My team and cheering feed my soul because they teach me many lessons and we all have so much fun together."

Sarah Hoenig, 9th grade

I’ve been cheering for about two years. My go-to power snack is peanut butter crackers and fruit and I eat fruit and sandwiches for a school lunch. Cheering makes me happy and I love doing new things with my friends every day."

Hailey Crisostomo, 9th grade 

"I have cheered for this year and I was on a half year team in 2017. I like granola bars and chose a salad for a healthy lunch. Cheering makes me happy!"

Cameron Chappell, 9th grade

"It’s my second year cheering. I snack on almonds and eat salads for lunch. Cheering and my team bring me laughter and happiness."

Lauren Bates, 11th grade

"I have cheered for seven years. My go-to healthy food is pistachios. Cheering feeds my soul by being with my best friends and the best coaches every day."

Paulina Vallejo, 11th grade

"I snack on trail mix and sometimes add a little bit of chocolate for the extra energy. My healthy choice for lunch on a school day is cucumbers and a sandwich so I can get a veggie and a source of protein. Cheering feeds my soul by relieving stress and making me happy! Although some practices are super hard, nothing makes me happier than progressing on new skills and getting over fears."

Madison LeLoup, 10th grade 

"I’ve been cheering for seven years. I fuel up on granola bar and grapes and my healthy choice for lunch would be a turkey sandwich. With cheer, I get to grow a special bond with my teammates. My teammates are people who will always have my back."

Ting Lindquist, 11th grade

"I have cheered for four years. I choose apples and protein bars and for lunch, either be rice with beans and chicken or a salad. Cheering with the team always makes my day feel so much better.  My team has a special bond with each other, and we all feel like part of a family. Every practice day I am pumped up and ready to learn. By playing my favorite sport with my favorite team always makes me so happy."

Isabella Neu, 11th grade

"I have been cheering for five years. I snack on granola bars and my healthy choice lunch on school day is a salad. I look forward to cheering every day because I love the special bond I have with my teammates."

Samantha Izzi, 11th grade

"I have been cheering for seven years. Granola bars for snacks and salads for lunch are my go-to healthy choice. I love cheering with my best friends and seeing them every day at practice because they always put me in a good mood."

Emily McCormick

"I have been cheering for five years. For snacks, I like apples and caramel dip. I always go with a turkey sandwich and fruit for lunch. Cheer is my motivation to go to school every day and my teammates are always there to make me smile."

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