Not One to Sweep Under the Rug

Over 40 Years of Shaver Ramsey Fine & Custom Rugs

Have you ever wondered about the seemingly mysterious and magical hand that goes into creating, making, and importing the objects that surround us? Shaver Ramsey Fine & Custom Rugs just so happens to be one of the many wizards working behind the scenes in the rug industry.

For over 40 years, they have been discovering and importing some of the finest and most unique rugs to grace the floors of our beloved homes and habitats. It all started when Paul Ramsey and his former partner, Carolyn Shaver, envisioned traveling to Afghanistan.

Shaver had been in the business of importing handicrafts from South America and had unsuccessfully tried persuading Ramsey, in grad school at the time, to travel with her. Then, in the Spring of 1975, they watched Murder on The Orient Express. 

Sparks of inspiration from the film would catalyze the seeding of their future business and a seemingly unmemorable meeting over herbal tea would quickly seal the deal: in a matter of days, they packed their bags and headed to Asia to chase their beautiful dream. 

Over the next few months, they’d grace the lands of Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkey, falling head over heels for the cultures, people, places, and of course, the rugs. The first rugs that they’d start importing were kilims, a specific type of flat tapestry-woven rug from Afghanistan. But this would soon blossom into the importing of antique rugs from all over the world, as well as artifacts and furniture from China and the Philippines.

Elizabeth Vehko, current partner and powerhouse in the business, came into the picture twenty years ago and has played an increasingly vital part of Shaver Ramsey’s successful evolution.

Whether you’re interested in beautifying your house or discovering more about the history of rug making, Ramsey and Vehko offer immense insight into this artistic and intentional world with their synergistic partnership. Interior designers and retail clientele are also ready to help customize and advise those who'd like to try out a rug and see how it can tie a room together.

What makes Shaver Ramsey Fine & Custom Rugs that much more exceptional is that every single one of their rugs is hand-knotted, made from the rug weaving traditions that have been passed down for generations in villages of countries such as Nepal, Turkey, India, and Afghanistan. Their rugs have character and individuality that factory-made rugs are void of.

With the sources and strong relationships that have been established and cultivated over the years, Shaver-Ramsey's story is highly curated, hand-selected, and incredibly intentional.

This pure dedication and deep love for the industry has established Ramsey as an expert with his mastery and extensive experience both internationally and domestically. He’s taught classes, spoken at international conferences, and writes about the wonderful world of rug making, educating people from all walks of life about the process.

Make sure to stay tuned for a magnificent exhibition at the Denver Art Museum, curated by Ramsey and Florence Müller, Avenir Foundation Curator of Textile Art, Curator of Fashion at the Denver Art Museum, scheduled to roll out, figuratively and quite literally, in April 2021.

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