(Not) Shaken Not Stirred

Red Rocks’ Best Businessmen Paired with Honey Salt Drinks Find Out Their Recipe to Being Business Savvy

There are certain guidelines to making the perfect drink. One part this or that, a garnish here or there, and maybe a mix or muddle. And of course – is it shaken or stirred? When a recipe is concocted just right, perfection is the result. In business, the recipe is just as important. Each step and process can lead to success if done right. After this past year, we may all feel a little shaken and stirred, but there are some businessmen who have led their companies through COVID-19 and not only survived, but also thrived. We heard from five successful Red Rock area businessmen who enlightened us on their recipes for success.

Don Logan

Las Vegas Aviators

Coors Banquet Beer

Being successful in business requires a willingness to try new ideas on a regular basis. When you find something that works you refine it and make sure it has staying power. Additionally, you have to implement a strategy that encourages your customers to take a look. After that, use customer feedback and make adjustments. Know what you don’t know and be willing to enlist others to gain an understanding of a particular strategy, technology, or concept that may benefit your business. The bottom line is that it is very difficult to do it alone. Be actively involved in the community and understand we all have an obligation to make a positive difference. Finally, you have to have people around you that you trust and empower. Creating a team that works hard and enjoys working is critical.

Kim Canteenwalla

Blau & Associates, Honey Salt

Honey Salt’s Midnight Rambler

Taking the time to assess situations and the people that you work with is vital to any organization. For myself and in the restaurant industry, collaborating with my staff and watching them grow from within is one of the most important aspects of the business. It’s also one of the most self-satisfying aspects. I try to be completely transparent and very real with the people I work with. In the awkward moments that come up (and they always do), I find it best to just be up front and get through it. Let them know what you need from them and make expectations as clear as possible. Keep communication lines clear and moving at all times. And most importantly, always remember the man behind the man!

Randy Garcia

Investment Counsel Company

San Pellegrino

I can attribute my professional success to three specific principles positively correlated with best-in-class client service:

1)      Continuously building my knowledge base at a rate faster than the industry norm so that I am positioned to recognize and exploit more opportunities on behalf of clients.

2)      Proactively identifying and delivering on areas of service that investors value, and far exceeding what is standard in the financial services industry.

3)      Retaining satisfied clients who serve as a continual referral source because of the high level of trust and confidence fostered by effective guidance, perspective, and judgement.

Emilio Esparza

FastLane Coatings

Mango Hibiscus Tea

Be a constant student of your craft, surround yourself with others in business that will push you to not just stay relevant, but to create the standard of what it means to be relevant. The customer experience is everything and most importantly, true success is remaining humble. The FastLane mission is to bless as many people as possible with great paying jobs. The day I started living that mission and not merely reciting it, my business took off. Now we are extending it beyond the Valley to make a national footprint by licensing the FastLane brand, and we have become the highest-rated coatings contractor in Las Vegas. Ultimately, our mantra is: We must have the courage to bet on our ideas, to take the calculated risk, and to act. Everyday living requires courage if life is to be worthwhile and bring happiness.

Ardi Najmabadi


Sea Breeze

Client Centricity…. It’s all about the client experience. It’s key to listen to the needs of each of my clients and help them create their own individual and beautiful style. I help with the process and in some cases take clients beyond their comfort level to try new things or new looks, and in the end they’re very happy with the results. Honesty is one of the best ingredients. If it looks good, I say it, if it looks wrong for the client, off it comes and we look at other items.

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