Leading By Example

We profile four Northland women who are changing our community for the better

India Wells-Carter

Owner, Fresh Factory KC

What is your passion? I am very passionate about developing people to reach their fullest potential and live their wildest dreams! I believe everyone deserves a chance to fulfill their life’s purpose and make meaning of their existence. If I can inspire anyone through conversation, work experience, investment in their dreams, etc. then my life’s work is accomplished.

Have you had any revelations from the past two years? Yes, in the past two years I’ve taken myself out of the box of who and what I can be. As women, we wear many hats and sometimes limit ourselves to familiar titles such as Mother, Wife, Friend, etc. I realized that we as women are dynamic, complex, and can be many things to many people, so don’t be afraid to pick up a new title/identity, like I did becoming an entrepreneur. Also, don’t be afraid to put down or relinquish titles/identities that no longer serve you. Every day is a fresh start, so don’t be afraid to evolve and grow. 

Who teaches you every day? Interestingly, my business teaches me every day. As a small business owner, each new day has its own challenges and triumphs. I love learning how to navigate life as a business owner because I’m always faced with curiosities, problems to solve, and success to celebrate. The spontaneity and unpredictability of owning a business keeps me sharp, open, and full of gratitude.

Celeste Lupercio

Director of Marketing and Community Relations for Visit Kansas City Kansas

What is your passion? My passion is promoting Kansas City. But really my goal is to encourage locals and travelers to get out and explore all that makes Kansas City wonderful. It’s our unique businesses, hometown pride, and hospitality that make us special.

Have you had any revelations from the past two years? Something I learned ten years ago has resurfaced: Do not be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes we forget lessons we learned, or we stopped practicing something that was good in our lives. Let yourself be vulnerable. Trust in yourself and the people around you — that if you ask for support, people will be so eager to give it to you. Then, be sure to help the next person you can in return.

What is your proudest accomplishment? It has been nearly 18 months and I still cannot believe I am the Executive Producer of a movie! It’s called “Summer in Hindsight.” Serving on the board for the West 18th Street Fashion Show was such an incredible honor, and when our brilliant Senior Artistic Director Peregrine Honig suggested we make a fashion show movie because our 2020 show had to be canceled, I was shocked. Pair KC’s longest-running annual fashion show with the music and performance of genius Calvin Arsenia – I knew it was going to be great. That we shot this movie in 17 iconic KC locations was the cherry on top for this Kansas City advocate.

Courtney Scarlett

Elementary School Teacher/Big Couple with Big Brothers Big Sisters Kansas City

Have you had any revelations from the past two years? When curveballs are thrown your way, you must be ready to think creatively, adapt, be flexible, and execute new ways of doing things.

What’s your mission? My mission is to make a positive impact on others. Through Big Brothers Big Sisters Kansas City, my husband and I have been a big couple to our little brother, Lyndale. We have been matched for a little over 3 years. During this time, we have enjoyed spending time together and making memories. He has very much become a part of our family!

What’s the most important thing you hope your children take with them out into the world? I wish for them to stay true to their values, discover their passions, strive to never give up, surround themselves with true friends, and to always know that I am only a call or text away. But, my ultimate want, wish, dream, and hope is for them to be happy.

Miranda Mulder

Director of Critical Care and Cardiology Services at Liberty Hospital

What is your passion? My family, husband, and children are my passion. They watch me closely, and I want them to know that I love them by what I do for them, but also by what I do for others. I also love being a nurse, specifically a nurse leader, for many reasons. Mostly, though, it is the intangible satisfaction of helping others achieve their goals. Sharing my knowledge and experiences enables me to guide young nurses on their journeys. Watching their growth affirms that I am cultivating great nurses who are positively impacting patients, families, and the community. 

Have you had any revelations from the past two years? Working in healthcare certainly has not been easy the past two years. The pandemic taught me a lot about humanity. We only survived by lifting each other up. It took a team mentality — no one person could have made it through all the challenges alone. There was no time for division. We had to keep going, keep encouraging, and keep supporting each other. The difficult times required communication and honesty. I realized that when we take on unimaginable circumstances with respect and kindness, we can make it through the unpredictable.

What do you hope people think of when they think of you? I hope people think of me as a strong and confident leader who leads with humility, teaches by example, and empowers other women to lead with strength and integrity. I want to be a catalyst for change.

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