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Nothing Bundt Cakes

Nostalgia With a Wink

There are no recipes traditionally associated with the Bundt cake. Although it is styled after the European Gugelhupf cake, the Bundt has a single defining characteristic: its pleasant ring-like shape. The word “Bundt” itself was developed by a certain well-known bakeware company in St. Louis Park during the 1950s, which they used to market their newest line of cast aluminum pans.

The Bundt’s lack of identity made it the ideal subject for pioneering bakers of the past century. Many of them would only succeed at developing dry, unpleasant Bundt cakes which had to be snuck past families too full of meatloaf to notice. But two long-time friends named Dena and Debbie figured out the trick. One perfected the Bundt’s batter and baking; the other, its frosting.

When they joined forces to bake Bundts, Dena and Debbie often received the compliment reserved for amateur bakers: “You should sell these!” The advice seemed solid to them, so in 1997 they opened a bakery – devoted solely to Bundt cakes. It was a bit of a gamble, which may be why they opened the inaugural Nothing Bundt Cakes in Las Vegas.

I hope that Dena and Debbie baked an extra special Bundt for the first person to recommend that they franchise. Within 24 years nearly 400 Nothing Bundt Cakes bakeries have risen in the United States, which is why I was able to try their cakes without having to justify my 3rd trip to Vegas this year.

A party I recently attended served a great big box of Nothing Bundt Cakes’ personal-sized treats for everyone to peck at. Delightful things, these cakes. Soft and airy without a crumble to their name, a miracle to the taste buds, and adorned with my kind of frosting – sweet but not cloying, and ready to dissolve like a thief into the night the moment I began to chew.

The last piece of cake at a party might as well be radioactive as far as polite Minnesotans are concerned. They would never dare to deprive someone else of it. Nothing Bundt Cakes somehow overcame this deeply ingrained courtesy, as two women present quarreled over who had rights to the remaining little red velvet Bundt until a willing King Solomon stepped forward.

I called Jill Tullemans, who co-owns Nothing Bundt Cakes in Eden Prairie, for help understanding this magic.

“It’s love,” said Jill. “Our amazing staff prepares and bakes all our Bundt cakes by hand and according to Dena and Debbie’s original recipe. Our ingredients are all-natural, and with the exception of our dry mix we source them locally as often as we’re able. Nothing Bundt Cakes doesn’t introduce a flavor until we’ve tested it to perfection. We still offer only one gluten-free option (which is chocolate chip cookie dough) because so far it’s the only recipe which meets our standards for moisture and consistency.

“We have 11 different Bundt cakes available in four different sizes. Eden Prairie’s favorite flavors are white chocolate raspberry and chocolate chocolate chip, but during graduation season it changes to red velvet. Combined with chocolate chocolate chip bundtinis, red velvet takes on our school colors!

“I didn’t just open Nothing Bundt Cakes because the cakes are exceptional. I also loved the idea of baking for the community. People come in all the time to tell us our Bundts have become their family’s newest favorite. We also make social occasions more memorable. A couple months ago we got a call from a bride-to-be explaining that her wedding was only three days away … and still without a baker. She was in an absolute panic. I could tell we were not the first bakery she had called that day.

“We weren’t just able to save her wedding (or at least one of the most crucial parts of it). We baked a unique cake for every table, each filled with flowers to become beautiful centerpieces. Many guests wound up going table to table so they could try more than one flavor!

“I also love Nothing Bundt Cakes’ company philosophy: ‘Nostalgia with a Wink.’ From our bakery’s decor to our customer service, everything here is a little old-fashioned – but still fun and whimsical. People really appreciate that kind of atmosphere these days. We are also a one-stop shop for all your party needs with greeting cards, balloons, serving platters, and a wide selection of what I like to call ‘girlfriend gifts.’”

Whether you’re throwing a big party or just taking care of yourself, Jill would love to see you stop in sometime. Visit 8435 Joiner Way, call (952) 512-2500, or go to for the loveliest Bundts in Eden Prairie.

  • Jill Tullemans & Jessa Johnson