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Nothing But Heart

Local Nutritional Supplement Company Thrives in Global Market

NB Pure has lived up to its name for more than two decades, formulating and selling nutritional supplements using nothing but the purest, highest-quality ingredients for optimum wellness benefits.

“This is what sets our products apart from the others,” said founder/CEO Danna Pratte. “Every ingredient we use in our products is pure and has value and purpose. There are no additives or fillers.”

That is the core of NB Pure and what Pratte believes has kept her company thriving. “We're giving our customers the best product that can take for whatever they need it for,” she said. 

Getting to Know Danna Pratte

Pratte was born and raised in Mansfield, TX, a small town near the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Her father owned his own business, which she says instilled in her an entrepreneurial spirit. She participated in an exchange student program in high school and spent some time in Switzerland. It was there that she found her passion for travel and international studies. 

Pratte studied sociology, history and German at Baylor University in Waco, TX. In 1996, she and her husband, Jason, moved to Arizona so she could attend the Thunderbird School of Global Management. They settled in North Peoria, where they've lived and raised three sons for almost 20 years.

Soon after moving to Arizona, Pratte began to learn more about nutritional supplements and saw firsthand how natural ingredients made a difference in the lives of people she knew.

“I knew there were natural ways to help people with wellness,” said Pratte. “And after I had children, I felt a responsibility to help them live as healthy as possible, as naturally as possible. 

Founding NB Pure

With the support of her husband, she built the foundation for NB Pure. She soon found herself on a path toward success that combined her love of international relations with her passion for health and nutrition. 

“When you have the support of the people around you, it becomes the backbone of your achievements,” Pratte says. “My family has been my biggest cheering section.”

Great employees have also been integral. “We have some employees who have been with us for over 15 years.”

NB Pure is a Global Brand

Today, NB Pure is a global brand with 22 employees and 30 products sold worldwide. Pratte sources ingredients globally to ensure she gets the very best, but all NB Pure products are formulated and manufactured at a facility in north Phoenix.

Most NB Pure products are vegan and all are gluten-, nut-, and soy-free. The brand features four umbrella categories with a line of supplements under each:

  • Cleanse to purify the body
  • Digestion to aid digestion and gut health
  • Care for natural and holistic wellness
  • Boost formulated to nurture the immune system

NB Pure emphasizes that digestive health is the starting point for overall wellness. “Gut health has always been our core focus and mission,” explains Pratte. “We believe that if you get your gut health in order, a lot of other things will fall into place.” 

In fact, the best seller of all NB Pure products is the MagO7, a digestive cleanse and the company's flagship product. 

“When you take care of yourself, of your health and nutrition, you're giving yourself a well-rounded path to wellness,” says Pratte. “It's a great feeling to do something that helps people on that path.” You can find out more about NB Pure and the complete product line online at

NB Pure Featured Products

Purchase NB Pure products locally at Sprouts Farmers Market, Whole Foods, or Vitamin Shop, or get them online from the NB Pure website (

01 // NB Pure provides the dietary fiber the body needs for complete digestive health with Daily Multi-Fiber made with psyllium husk powder. This formulation is designed with both prebiotics and probiotics to help improve overall gut health, weight management, appetite control, heart health, cholesterol management and blood sugar levels.

02 // The spray format of Zinc Up+, an immune-boosting supplement, allows your body to easily absorb it, providing optimal benefits. Combined, Vitamin C and Zinc aid the immune system, protect against the common cold and can help heal wounds. 

03 // MagO7 works to counter the build-up of intestinal waste with a uniquely formulated oxygen-based cleanse. It slowly releases oxygen to help support the good flora in the digestive tract and break down and remove waste. The slow-release creates an inhospitable environment for bad bacteria and toxins, resulting in a healthy and balanced gut with no bloat or cramping. 

04 // From nutritional support for weight loss to recovery after exercise, the Omega 3-packed Plant Protein+ offers many benefits. It's vegan, cholesterol-free, low carb, low in sugar, and makes a great addition to healthy smoothies and desserts.

  • 04 // Plant Protein+
  • 02 // Zinc Up+
  • 03 // Mag07 Cleanse
  • 01 // Daily Multi-Fiber
  • 04 // Plant Protein+