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Four Men Elevating The Boulder Experience

There’s just something about the city of Boulder that brings a little extra out of people. It’s weird, it’s innovative, it’s gorgeous and it’s defined by the many talented folks sprawled out across it.

Be it adding technology to clients' homes, guiding a customer perusing a jewelry section, helping people achieve their dreams with a bank loan, or grabbing a bite with someone in a food truck park, these four men have consistently embodied the loving spirit of Boulder by striving to serve the people around them however they can.


Gary Geis, Market President of Great Western Bank


What’s your day-to-day role like with Great Western Bank?

I collaborate with great teammates on putting loan and banking products together for customers that best fit their needs.

When and how did you begin working in the banking world? Was this a job you had your eye on for some time?

I started as a teller at a small bank in Aspen, CO, in 1988. I had family and friends in the banking industry, and I saw how they enjoyed helping people achieve their dreams and wanted to be a part of that process.

What do you do to maintain a balanced life? How do you disconnect from work? 

I don’t take work or worries home and enjoy as much time as I can with family and friends doing the activities I enjoy.

What’s the best life advice you’ve received?

Treat people how you like to be treated.

What’s something you’ve learned recently that surprised you?

Nothing surprises me around Boulder anymore!


Matt Patrick, founder of Yard On Mass food truck park and Lead Pastor of vision and teaching at The Well Church

When did you know you wanted to pursue different roles in different industries?

I am inherently a better starter than a manager. I learned early on in my career that my skills are best used in the startup phase. I have been blessed to work at places that viewed me working in multiple fields as a benefit.  

How do your roles with Yard On Mass and The Well tie into your passions in life?

I am passionate about bringing people together. A hospitable church community brings all different kinds of people together, and a great meal or great drink brings people together. I have never viewed myself as having multiple vocations. My job is to bring people together and help them experience joy.

What do you do to maintain a balanced life? How do you disconnect from work?

I focus on managing my energy, not just my time. I try and do what I am best at when I am at my best.

What’s the best life advice you’ve received?

The only way people grow is through prayer or pain, and no one prays enough.

What’s something you’ve learned recently that surprised you?

Awesome usually lies on the other side of awful. I’ve learned to persevere through the difficulties because if I give up, then I’ll never see the awesome on the other side. It is not that difficulty in and of itself is good, but it can produce great outcomes.


Mark Vieregg, owner of Walters and Hogsett Fine Jewelry


Can you point to a moment or two when you knew Walters & Hogsett was the right career fit?

In 2013, my business partner and I took on a large loan to buy the founders out and help them realize their goals after 33 years. That was nerve-rackingly awesome, and now I was directly responsible for my future.

In 2016, I realized specialty retail had become a dynamic combination of best-in-class products and hospitality, and I was lucky enough to have a business partner to deliver this belief. It’s energizing and challenging every day, and that’s what I want. 

How does your work tie into your passions in life?

I learned early in life that quality matters, and it’s worth more. That understanding allows me to deliver passion and commitment to the customers we serve and share the art of jewelry in our world-class store.  If we do that right, I can then experience quality in things I want to see or do or own.       

If you had to choose a different job in a different industry, what would you pick and why? 

My client base was hospitality and resort companies at Arthur Andersen; you could talk me into managing a world-class resort on an island.

What do you do to maintain a balanced life? How do you disconnect from work? 

I am lucky. I love our family business and the people we surround ourselves with every day. I share that passion with my lovely wife and five kids, and I love coming home to them; it’s easy to let work go and see what they have going on in their lives.  

What’s something you’ve learned recently that surprised you?

My wife and I bought a ‘77 VW Riviera Bus as a project/weekender in March. Who knew the social media world would get me hooked on this one — and then there is the cost of refurbishing?! 


Dan Stern, Owner of Aurum Home Technology


When and how did you get into the home tech industry?

I started in 1995. I was looking for a new job and met with a head hunter. They set up an interview with a company in the industry, and I thought it was pretty damn cool. I pursued the opportunity and excelled at it. I liked the technology but was always focused more on the design, and I found technology could be used to enhance the overall look and design of our clients’ homes.

How does Aurum Home Tech tie into your passions in life?

I’ve always been very focused on details and felt little things made a difference. From the way you treat people and interact with friends and family to the way you dress and present yourself.

If you had to have a choose a different job in a different industry, what would you pick and why?

I don’t know. I’ve been doing this for the past 25 years, and I am incredibly passionate about it. I never knew I would love it as much as I do.

What do you do to maintain a balanced life? How do you disconnect from work? 

Mountain bike, ski, hike and spend time with my son, Ari, and fiancé, Joy. I love to cook and eat. I really enjoy traveling and recently got into scuba diving with Joy. That has been an incredible experience.

I find I have a hard time fully disconnecting, but I am trying. Turning off the phone is an effort I have been making lately.

What’s something you’ve learned recently that surprised you?

The amount of pleasure that having a dog in our lives brings us. Her name is Rebel, and she is often a fixture at the office. She brings an immense amount of happiness to all whom she interacts with.

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