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Nothing’s In the Water

It’s All Natural For These Local Entrepreneurs and Their Bottled Water

Article by Pamela McWhorter

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

How can you take some of the world’s best water and make it even better? Former Procter and Gamble colleagues Erik Loomis (a Loveland resident) and Satinder Bharaj, PhD, say they’ve found a way, and it’s called Pahhni® Premium Alkaline Water.

Their startup business—which springs from the award-winning waters of the Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer in Hamilton, Ohio—has been making a splash around town, where it’s sold at select local businesses and is a sponsor at popular community events throughout the year. 

Pahhni is also making waves among a number of social media influencers, including ESPN sports analyst and former NBA player Kendrick Perkins, San Diego State swimmer Avery Turney, APGA professional golfer Kevin Hall, former World Boxing Organization heavyweight champion Lamon Brewster, and Nashville recording artist Michelle Robinson. 

That’s quite a roster, right? Especially considering bottles of Pahhni just started flowing off the production line in July 2022. However, these fans see something—or more likely, taste something—different in Pahhni. According to Satinder and Erik, it’s what’s not in Pahhni that accounts for its appeal.

“Our water goes through natural limestone filtration,” explains Erik. “The majority of other alkaline waters are made artificially.”

With artificially-made alkaline water, electrolytes (aka salt) are used during the production process to stabilize the pH level within a specified time period. Pahhni is naturally alkaline, so there’s no salty aftertaste—just a hint of sweetness with a crisp, refreshing finish. Maybe that’s what inspired Erik and Satinder to come up with the name Pahhni, which is the Punjabi word for water “pani” with an “ahh” added in. It’s water—that’s extra refreshing. 

Alkaline water, which has a higher pH level than typical water, has been rapidly rising in popularity in recent years due to its overall health benefits, including superior hydration versus regular water.

“We like to say increasing the alkalinity lets your body work on other things other than trying to maintain its proper pH,” says Erik. 

Satinder and Erik are not only the founders of Pahhni; they’re also the production line staff. A day or two a week, they process and bottle Pahhni in a clean room that’s adjacent to their office space. The other days, they’re out making deliveries. Weekends? Well, those are made for sponsoring events, which Marsha Loomis, Pahhni’s executive director of public relations, arranges. And she’s been busy. If you ran a race or attended a sporting event around Loveland, chances are you were handed a free bottle of Pahhni. 

“We also do a lot with the schools,” says Marsha, a P&G alum herself. “We’ve been the hydration sponsor for the athletic boosters, music boosters, homecoming parade, cross country, and girls’ volleyball.” 

On September 28, you can find Pahhni as the hydration sponsor for Sonder & Friends Oktoberfest 5K in Mason, which benefits the Greater Project, supporting vulnerable children in Kenya and India.

“We’re getting a lot of positive support,” says Satinder, who spent 27 years at P&G before becoming an entrepreneur. “I have people asking me, ‘What is retirement?’ and I laugh, ‘I don’t know.’ This is my phase-two career.”

Because when it comes to quenching the growing thirst for alkaline water, Satinder, Erik and Marsha are always ready to dive right in. 

Want to order your own Pahhni, see more about upcoming events, or just follow this amazing hydration journey? Follow those socials and check out their website.| @pahhniwater

  • Owners Erik and Satinder