Men’s Healthy Aging

I'm sure you've heard of menopause, but what about MANopause? Just as women experience hormonal change as they age, around age 40, men enter andropause.

Men tend to experience a 1% drop of testosterone production every year after the onset of andropause, and while the changes may be subtle in the beginning, this has a cascading effect on your total health.

My name is Stephanie Wolff. I'm the CEO and owner of the Novus Anti-Aging Center, one of the largest sexual wellness clinics in the country. We focus on a number of regenerative medicine treatments to get your body functioning the way it's supposed to!

One of our main treatments are Hormone Optimization Plans. I've seen countless men walk into our clinic as shells of their former selves. They're miserable and making everyone else in their lives miserable as a result!

The reason behind this? Imbalanced hormones! It's impossible to feel like your best self if your internal chemistry is out of whack! Let's just focus on testosterone, as it is so important for men (and women). Lack of testosterone can make you feel constantly tired, unfocused, and unmotivated. Testosterone is like the drummer in a marching band of 50 hormones—it keeps the heartbeat, energy, muscle mass and libido strong and vibrant.

The craziest part is that most doctors won't even look at your testosterone levels unless specifically asked. Even when doctors do test, they do such a surface level analysis that as long as you're hitting the bare minimum they will see it as a normal level.

I once had a 39-year-old patient with the testosterone levels of a 75 year old! If they had just accepted their doctor's opinion that their T-levels were “normal," he would still be suffering from fatigue, low libido and a host of other issues.

At Novus, we order a comprehensive blood panel from a lab that centers on testing hormones. And blood work alone is not a consistent way to evaluate hormone issues; an accompanying appraisal of other factors like body mass, physical strength, sex drive, sleep habits and emotional health needs to be incorporated.

Some signs of low T that you may notice are decreased muscle mass, unexpected mood changes, sleeplessness, and a decrease in brain power. If you notice yourself often losing track of things, or even forgetting to complete tasks entirely, don't let people convince you this is just the aging process taking over.

Testosterone deficiency can definitely impair your thought and cognition. Even worse, if you're experiencing a decline in testosterone levels, it can lead to other health concerns like osteoporosis and heart disease.

So what can you do to keep your T levels where they're meant to be? At Novus we offer Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy among other solutions, but there's plenty you can do with your own hands—or should I say legs. Daily walks to get your heart rate up are a great start! Eventually you can try to evolve that into jogging and then maybe even running! Even if it's just for 10 minutes a day, your body will thank you for making that daily effort.

Contact Novus Anti-Aging Center at 310.905.6925 for more information.

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