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Now For a Limited Time: SUMMER

There’s So Much Fun to Be Had! Get Out and Explore and Do Everything—But Play It Safe.

It’s not a far stretch to say life is all about human connections and unforgettable experiences. With the heart of the warm-weather season already here, now’s the perfect opportunity to get with your people and get going. Head to the beach or backyard, bbq joint or local blues festival, and make the most of your summer. 

But here’s a friendly reminder that as enjoyable as summertime activities can be, a common mishap can spoil the fun. Before you set out on the Great American Road Trip or make your way to that spectacular fireworks show, check out these super-handy summer safety tips, brought to you by Loveland’s own Wolterman Law Office. 

Buckle up, this is about more than just seat belts

Designate a Driver. Pass off the car keys to someone in your group who will abstain from alcohol before attending any parties. Utilizing a ride-sharing service to get home is also an uber-smart idea. 

Watch Out for Pedestrians. Jogging, shopping, or simply taking in the sights, they’re everywhere in warm weather. Be proactive in scanning for pedestrians, especially in crosswalks. 

Use Caution in Traffic. A seasonal increase in cars and motorcycles on the roads means more opportunity to meet one unexpectedly. Slow down and look around in congested areas (and remember, phones down!).  

Be certain you’re making the right kind of memories

Campfires & Fireworks. Easy to forget—whenever fire or combustibles are involved, always have a water supply or extinguisher nearby. Maintain a safe distance, be extra cautious with children, or just leave the pyrotechnics to the pros. 

Barbecues & Picnics. Tasty tips: grills should be kept at least 10 feet away from any structure. Plus, grills that are cleaned regularly are less likely to cause accidental fires and injuries. 

Pool Parties & Water Sports. Keep a watchful eye on little ones around any body of water. Always wear a life jacket for boating, jet skiing, and any other water sports. 

In the unfortunate circumstance you experience a summertime accident or injury, speak with the legal team at Wolterman Law Office for a no-cost consultation. | 434 W. Loveland Ave, Loveland | 513.224.5191 

“Summer’s meant to be full of fun and spending quality time with family and friends—which can quickly take a turn without proper precautions. To keep you and your family safe from personal injuries all summer long, use common sense and stay alert!” – Steve Wolterman

  • Photo by Matthew J. Capps
  • Photo by Matthew J. Capps
  • Photo by Matthew J. Capps