Learning with Sweet Little Hands

Sensory Bin Delight

Article by Krista Carpenter-Beasley

Photography by Sweet Little Hands & Yasmine Carmen Photography

Originally published in Gilbert City Lifestyle

Meet Tracy Dillon, the owner and MOMpreneur of Sweet Little Hands, a sensory bin business! You might have seen her around before at East Valley Markets one of the most known she is at, is the Made with Love markets. Having worked as a teacher in the past, Tracy understands the importance of engaging young minds and keeping little hands busy. When she made the decision to step back from teaching full time to focus on her family, the idea for Sweet Little Hands was born. Tracy wanted to continue doing what she loved while spending quality time with her family and helping other families in the process learn the things that she has learned.

Tracy, along with her daughters Riley and Randi, can often be found at East Valley Markets, setting up their colorful and interactive sensory bins. These bins are filled with a variety of materials such as sand, water, beans, died corn, rice, cups,  water beads, textured toys, and many more designed to engage children's senses and promote exploration and learning.

As families stroll by her booth at the markets, Tracy warmly welcomes them, encouraging children to dive into the bins and discover the wonders within. Many times the kids just want to stay and play the whole time. With her friendly demeanor and genuine passion for early childhood development, Tracy has quickly become a beloved figure in the Gilbert community.

Through Sweet Little Hands, Tracy not only provides a source of entertainment for children but also creates a space for families to bond and connect. Parents and caregivers can be seen joining their little ones in the sensory bins, engaging in meaningful interactions and creating lasting memories. Tracy mentions "One of the many things I love about what we do is seeing the kid's faces light up when they play with one of our sensory bins and seeing their minds start exploring and learning in so many different ways."

Tracy's commitment to her own family and the Gilbert community is evident in every aspect of Sweet Little Hands. She carefully selects the materials for the sensory bins, ensuring they are safe, educational, and enjoyable for children of all ages. Tracy also takes the time to educate parents on the benefits of sensory play and offers suggestions on how to incorporate it into their daily routines. Sensory bins are vital for child development. They engage multiple senses, fostering cognitive, social, and emotional growth. Through tactile exploration, kids enhance fine motor skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. Sensory play aids in language development and emotional regulation, making it a valuable tool for early learning and holistic development.

The Dillons' deep roots in the Gilbert community have undoubtedly influenced Tracy's dedication to making a positive impact. Her husband, John, being a sports star at Basha High, is still remembered by many in the community. Meanwhile, his parents, John and Debra Dillon, have been instrumental in transforming the financial and health community in Arizona and beyond. The Dillon family's love for Arizona is evident through their various endeavors, and Tracy continues this legacy through her work with Sweet Little Hands.

So, the next time you find yourself at an East Valley Market, keep an eye out for Tracy, Riley, and Randi. Join them in experiencing the joy and wonder that Sweet Little Hands brings to children in the Gilbert community. 

"We know sensory bins are the key to unlocking kids' imaginations and fostering a lifelong love for learning"

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