Nuttelman’s Florist

Where Customer Service is Always in Bloom

There is nothing like old-fashioned customer service – the kind you get from local, hometown businesses that go above and beyond for their customers.  That is exactly what you’ll get at Nuttelman’s Florist in Northampton – and it’s what sets them apart.

The business was founded in 1976 by Chip Nuttelman’s father Justin - and almost from the beginning, Chip was involved in the business. Nuttelman’s has always been a full-service flower shop, offering delivery. Over the years, they have expanded to offer delivery to more than eight area cities and towns. Today, Chip and his wife Mary run the business with the help of one part-time employee.

The florist business has changed over the years. Mary recalls how in the 1980s, they had so many requests for funeral arrangements that instead of people looking at a book and ordering a specific arrangement, the staff – seven at that time – created arrangements and customers came in and selected what they wanted.

Mary laments that many people don’t send flowers to wakes anymore – often because families request donations in lieu of flowers, but she has an idea that seems at once thoughtful and affordable.

“If each person attending a wake brought one single rose to the funeral home, it would help keep florists in business and it would be a nice gesture,” she says.

One good change that has happened in recent years, says Chip, is the year-round availability of gorgeous flowers.

While roses are still the most popular flower among Nuttleman’s customers, irises and lilies are among the top choices, and says Chip, “People love tulips.”

Birthdays and anniversaries remain popular occasions for sending flowers, and while Mary and Chip do a lot of weddings, it is seasonal – with most weddings taking place in spring and fall. Key to weddings for Nuttelman’s is keeping both their budget and the bride’s budget in mind and at the same time making sure they create what she wants.

"Nuttelman's takes great pride in knowing that most of our floral arrangements that we create have a life expectancy of a week, sometimes more with the proper care of fresh water daily and trimming in the home environment.  Should however, a rose or other flower not do

well within a couple of days, we gladly replace it free of charge. You won't get that type of guarantee from most businesses today,” Chip said.

There are blooms aplenty in the shop – 20-30 different kinds at any given time, as well as greens. Customers like to come in and pick out three stems or 25 stems and design their own bunch of flowers, says Mary. Or Chip will arrange the flowers for them.

Nuttelman’s will also plant flowers at the headstone in cemeteries in advance of Memorial Day each year. While they don’t take care of the flowers, they do plant hardy flowers that can survive the summer.

Chip prides himself in the level of customer service they offer. “We’ve always been accommodating to people’s needs,” he says. For example, if a customer calls to order flowers at 3 p.m., Nuttelman’s will deliver them that day. Often, Chip comes into the shop early or on a Sunday if a customer needs flowers.

“I rarely say no,” Chip admits, adding, “I can’t count the number of times I’ve delivered something on my way home – people remember us for that.”

Nuttelman's Florist, Inc.

135 Woodlawn Avenue

Northampton, MA


www.nuttelmansflorist.net and www.nuttelmansfloristnorthamptonma.com

“We’ve always been accommodating to people’s needs. I rarely say no,” Chip admits. “I can’t count the number of times I’ve delivered something on my way home – people remember us for that.”

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