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The Right Choice - Not Your Typical Butcher Shop

Purveyors of premium cuts of fresh meats coupled with elegant restaurant and extensive wine list

I wouldn’t consider myself a meat aficionado. As a young adult, I haven’t yet discovered the art of cooking meats. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done it, but I’m much more akin to tossing a Kroger chicken breast into the air fryer than tackling the science experiment of mixing marinades and sprinkling seasonings in hopes of a perfectly-seared slab of meat. 

All that to say, I wasn’t expecting to be wooed when I stumbled into New York Butcher Shoppe looking for a bite to eat, but I was sorely mistaken. I was greeted by a host of smiling faces, mouthwatering aromas and counters brimming with marbled meats of all sizes, cuts and flavors. 

Jennifer Zielinski, co-founder of the East Cobb franchise, walked me through the shop setup. The front half functions as a typical butcher shop with a vast meat selection. The back half contains an elegant restaurant and wine bar concept, something only select locations offer.

As many stories begin these days, Jennifer and her partner, Pete Kaufman, used the pandemic as an opportunity to start making strides towards opening their own butcher shop. With over 35 years in the industry and a 25-year friendship, the pair landed on the New York Butcher Shoppe franchise because of the unique restaurant concept which would allow them to utilize their restauranteur backgrounds. 

The shop sells all Certified Angus Beef, which they work to source as locally as possible, in addition to a variety of unique groceries from across the country. All of their meats are freshly cut, smoked and prepared in-house daily. And if you’re unsure what to get, Jennifer recommends taking advantage of the shop’s hard-to-find cuts like Tri-Tip, Wagyu steaks and Picanha, her personal favorite.

As for the restaurant, the menu is filled with tasty options: charcuterie, sandwiches, steak flights and stuffed mushrooms to name a few. But don’t order food without something to sip on. With three wine flights and an ever-changing wine menu from around the world, it takes more than a few glasses to try them all. If you find your tastebuds meld with the thoughtfully curated selection, you can always join the Wine Club for new wine and a delicious dinner every month. 

If your cooking skills are as unrefined as mine (or just short on time), you’ll be delighted to learn about the shop’s to-go options, made fresh daily. They’re a perfect way to bring home a little indulgence without hassle. Those who enjoy playing home chef can pick up oven-ready meals anytime, but if convenience is priority, take advantage of their weekly hot meal deals. With whole Roasted Chicken, Baby Back Ribs and Prime Rib in the lineup, these fixings are a step above.

Unique offerings like these and a devotion to fresh ingredients are why New York Butcher Shoppe delivers quality and convenience. With franchise rights in Cherokee and a part of Fulton County, it’s no surprise Jennifer and Pete have high hopes for the expansion across metro Atlanta and North Georgia.

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Dixie’s Chicken Roll Ups

With so much butcher experience, Jennifer has acquired a few favorite ways to prepare a variety of cuts of meat. This one is specifically for poultry, and comes from ResQue Rubs, a line of rubs and seasonings made to elevate the flavor of any food you can dream up. Not only are ResQue Rubs used at New York Butcher Shoppe, but they are based in Georgia and donate a portion of profits to Fur Kids, an animal rescue foundation.

So grab a ResCue Rub of your choice (or a similar meat rub), fire up the smoker and get ready for a mouthwatering stuffed chicken dinner!


  • 2-4 Chicken breasts pounded thin

  • A package of sliced Prosciutto

  • A package of sliced cheese 

  • 1 small red onion sliced thin

  • 2 avocados sliced thin

  • Butcher twine

  • Meat Thermometer

  • 2-4 tbsp Dixie’s All-Purpose Rub


(1) Pound chicken breasts out thin. Thinly slice the onion and avocados. Cut piece of twine for each chicken breast. 

(2) Prep smoker to 325-350 degrees.

(3) Lay chicken breasts out flat, season both sides with Dixie’s All Purpose Rub. 

Place slice of prosciutto, cheese, onions and avocados on top. Roll up chicken breasts.

(4) Gently tie one end of the roll-up tight enough to hold in place. Tie the other end tight enough to hold the roll up together without pushing the onions and avocados out. Then tighten the first tie.

(5) Put roll-ups on smoker and let cook for 45 minutes to an hour. Ensure chicken reaches temperature of 165 degrees in the middle of the roll-up. Slice and drizzle with favorite sauce.

(7) Enjoy!