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The New Skin Care Routine For Men

Oasis Face Bar is your skin's happy place & the best 30 minutes of your week.

Lindsey James and her husband, both Ohio transplants, made Nashville home in February of 2020. On the hunt for a place to put down roots, it didn’t take long for the pair to realize Nashville would be a perfect fit. As soon as they settled in, their plans to explore and become acquainted in their new city took a shift as the Covid-19 pandemic abruptly hit. While it wasn’t the welcome they had planned, Lindsey notes that Music City “still managed to charm [them].”


Back in Cincinnati, before the move, Lindsey ran an online CBD company, called Relax Babe,that was built around self-care and relaxation. Through that, she met Molly Lyons, the founder of Oasis Face Bar. Lindsey was at the beginning of her career and the two connected over the challenges of being small business owners. By the time Lindsey was an official Tennessee resident, Molly was franchising Oasis across the country and gave an interesting offer: to open an Oasis franchise in the heart of Music City. Since Relax Babe was already in the self-care space, and Lindsey liked the idea of having a physical store in Nashville, it was an easy ‘yes.’ Oasis Face Bar Nashville opened its doors in March of 2022, aiming to shake things up in the Nashville skincare scene. Their business is all about ditching the spa fluff and focusing on personalized, results-driven facials. Whether you're a skincare newbie or a regular, their expert estheticians will create a customized plan to achieve your goals, with monthly treatments and a recommended at-home routine.

While their initial vision for Oasis was to create a haven for the busy millennial woman, the team began to offer a variety of targeted facial treatments specifically designed for men's skin - anticipating a few male clients joining their partners for a facial. Only two years into their Nashville location, there became a surge in men booking facials independently! Lindsey shares that The Gent Targeted Treatment has become a fan favorite; it provides a solid foundation for healthy skin with cleansing, extractions, and a revitalizing mask. Recently, they have also seen a growing interest for their advanced clinical facials, such as HydraFacials, Glo2 Oxygen Facials, and Acne & Frotox Cryo Facials. These offer a more targeted approach for specific concerns, pack a serious punch with powerful ingredients and technology, and leave you absolutely glowing. Plus, they're super efficient – perfect for gentlemen on the go who want maximum results without the downtime.

“While our services and approach were already well-suited to men, we recognized an opportunity to enhance the spa experience for our male clientele. We recently completed an aesthetic refresh to create an elevated, inclusive environment that not only resonates more with our male clientele, but also reflects the high-end nature of our treatments and the expertise of our staff,” says Lindsey. “We have always strived to cultivate a welcoming and inclusive environment so everyone, regardless of gender, feels comfortable seeking the services we offer. We ditch the traditional spa fluff – no cumbersome robes or cucumber water rituals. Our facials were designed to be efficient and effective, in and out in 30 minutes.”

The success of their Nashville location underscores a growing trend - men are increasingly embracing self-care and taking a proactive approach to maintaining healthy skin. When asked what advice she has for men wanting to adjust their skincare routine, Lindsey shares, “a consistent skincare routine with high-quality products and a monthly facial goes a long way. Cleansing, hydrating, and protecting the skin are essential steps to maintaining healthy radiant skin which affects our physical and mental wellbeing. Washing your face twice daily with a gentle cleanser removes dirt and oil, while a daily moisturizer keeps skin hydrated, especially after shaving. Most importantly, applying a broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen every day is vital to prevent sun damage.”

Skincare doesn’t need to be a pampered luxury with a hefty price tag. At Oasis Face Bar, their goal is to provide a casual environment where clients can drop in for exceptional, naturally derived skin care services, while being educated on each step of their treatment and never feel intimidated. They have researched and hand-picked only the best facials and cutting-edge treatments – like HydraFacial, Glo2 Oxygen Facial, and Cryo Facial with Radio Frequency – all available in convenient 30-minute appointments. They also specialize in eyebrows! Think of them as your one-stop shop for a complete facial refresh; They offer both customized treatments starting at $79 and clinical facials with proven results starting at $135. For first timers, they even offer a warm welcome with 15% off your first visit.

“We're thrilled to play a role in this movement, and we're constantly innovating to ensure our services meet the evolving needs of all our clients,” Lindsey shares. “It turns out, everyone wants healthy, glowing skin!”

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