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The physicians and surgeons of OBGYN West are committed to providing the highest-quality women’s healthcare in the Twin Cities. Their clinics in Eden Prairie, Chaska, Minnetonka and Waconia offer comprehensive birth control options, infertility evaluation and treatment, pregnancy care, relief from symptoms of menopause, urinary incontinence services, and compassionate aid for all the other health challenges that affect women of all ages.

“We’re an independent group of physicians that welcomes each patient to pick her doctor and stay with them,” said Chris Gooder, executive director for OBGYN West. “If you come to one of our clinics for prenatal care, you can rest assured the same doctor you meet during your initial consultation will also be present to deliver your baby, so long as they are able. 

“Compare that to the modern healthcare system, in which a woman can reasonably expect to meet the doctor who will deliver her baby when she arrives at the delivery room, and it’s easy to appreciate the peace of mind we create. Continuity of care is increasingly rare these days. It is an old-school approach, in all honesty, but our physicians believe it is indispensable.

“Women come to us for a variety of things, including childbirth prep classes, prenatal testing, mammograms, hereditary cancer screening, minimally invasive surgery, and even circumcisions for their newborn sons. Our goal is to provide for all of our patients’ needs under one roof – even those which most people don’t traditionally associate with obstetrics and gynecology. That way we don’t have to refer them to physicians who may not share our passion for outstanding patient care, and who may not spend whatever time it takes to truly understand their unique healthcare needs.

“We value creating long-term bonds above all else. Several of our physicians are now treating women whom they delivered as babies. One of them is simultaneously treating four generations of the same family. That really speaks to the trust and respect everyone at OBGYN West works so hard to foster; not just our physicians, but our whole team, from the nurses all the way to the front desk staff. An impersonal health system just can’t provide the standard of care someone would truly want for their great-granddaughter.”

“I went to medical school knowing I didn’t want to be two things: a psychiatrist, or an OB/GYN,” said Dr. Wes Grootwassink, who is currently very much an OB/GYN. “Experience soon taught me how wrong I was to think that way. Unlike several fields of medicine where patients come to you with a medical issue and then you never see them again, OB/GYN lets you form life-long relationships.

“I began treating one of my patients when she was a teenager because she wanted birth control pills. She met a great guy, got married, and ultimately wanted to go in the opposite direction. I recently delivered her first baby, which I believe is the greatest honor anyone can receive. Birth is still awe-inspiring to me after 27 years of practice. Being an OB/GYN means I get to do more than make someone’s day. I get to help make someone’s life.

“And if I’m being perfectly candid, I do prefer treating women. In my experience, women are better partners in their own health than men are. They’re willing to listen more, and just generally more motivated to take better care of themselves and their families. More than anything else, women are a lot less whiny when they’re feeling ill.”

OBGYN West’s Eden Prairie clinic is located at 800 Prairie Center Drive #130. You may learn more about their personalized approach to patient care by visiting obgynwest.net.

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