Women’s Health Care, Reimagined

OBGYN West’s four clinics in Eden Prairie, Chaska, Minnetonka and Waconia provide a full spectrum of health services to women of all ages. Wellness checkups, mammogram screenings, contraception assistance, periconceptional counseling, infertility care, pregnancy care, obstetric exams, and help with symptoms of menopause, perimenopause and more – they’re all at OBGYN West.

The doctors of OBGYN West all share a calling: to provide warm, personalized and compassionate care to women of all ages. But as women’s health specialists, they could only regret whenever one of their patients sought care for an issue that isn’t unique to her gender. While they would refer her to another great doctor, they couldn’t assure her comfort, convenience or peace of mind at a clinic that isn’t their own. 

Rather than let this shortcoming continue, OBGYN West decided to reimagine women’s health care. With the addition of Dr. Gretchen Soberay to their roster, OBGYN West now offers full family medicine services for women ages 12 and up.

“By the time I graduated medical school, I had already grown passionate about sports medicine, delivering babies, and taking care of children and adults alike,” said Dr. Soberay, a family physician with over a decade of clinical and hospital experience. “I could not honestly say I gained the same enthusiasm for performing surgery, but that’s part of what I love about family medicine: it lets you do a little bit of everything, minus incisions.

“Moreover, family medicine lets you treat the same patient over the course of their lifetime, and often introduces you to their loved ones as well. If you practice long enough, you can retire knowing you helped several generations of the same family. Most doctors won’t know a more heartening feeling.

“I was intrigued when OBGYN West approached me with the novel idea of incorporating family medicine into their clinics. I understood that would simplify life for a great many women, as they could now receive primary care for asthma, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, depression, and a wide range of other conditions at a clinic they already know and trust. It would also improve the overall quality of their health care, as their family practitioner would work directly and seamlessly with their OB/GYNs.”

“By joining our team, Dr. Soberay has complemented and expanded the care we can provide to our patients,” said Dr. Matthew A. Weinrich. “It is certainly a welcome change. Now when one of my patients’ labs shows that she has high cholesterol and blood sugar, the doctor who is qualified to perform a prediabetes screening is already close at hand. It removes waiting and suspense from an experience that shouldn’t include either.

“Dr. Soberay’s field of medicine is especially beneficial to our patients who are pregnant. Hypertension, dizziness, arrhythmia, heart palpitations, thyroid problems, skin changes – these are all health conditions expecting mothers frequently experience, but which aren’t traditionally treated by OB/GYNs. I have devoted my career to helping women, so I am relieved to put them in Dr. Soberay’s capable hands whenever their needs fall outside the scope of my expertise.”

“If what we’re doing truly is experimental, then it already appears to be a success,” said Dr. Soberay. “I expect it won’t be long until other women’s health clinics begin incorporating family care into their practices as well. When that day comes, we’ll take pride knowing we have changed women’s lives for the better.”

OBGYN West’s Eden Prairie clinic is located at 800 Prairie Center Drive, Suite 130, with additional clinics in Chaska, Minnetonka and Waconia. You may learn more about their personalized approach to patient care by visiting obgynwest.net.

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