Ode to Cooper

The evolution of PetBar Boutique Roswell

My name is Marie Stevens. My husband Brent and I moved to Roswell twelve years ago, and this is where we chose to grow our family. We have two daughters, Lexi and Maddy, who amaze us every single day, and one sweet goldendoodle, Cooper, whose favorite thing in life is to initiate and participate in family hugs.

Bringing Cooper into our lives, changed us in more ways than we could have ever imagined. Until Cooper, we had not needed the services of a dog groomer. But once he was a part of the family, I quickly learned how vital a routine grooming schedule is to a pet's happiness and health. I joined the many pet owners in our area who fought to get onto regular grooming schedules, often waiting months for an appointment. And often I felt like the environment he was in wouldn’t be the one I would choose if I truly had more options.

I was looking for a career change at that time, and through what feels like a very ordered set of steps, I learned about the PetBar brand. I was immediately intrigued. In a city that is so fortunate to have so many providers for every service imaginable, this was one for which we don’t actually have enough providers. This was something I could bring to Roswell that would solve a problem, and enhance life for our pets and pet parents. After my visit to meet the owners of the brand, and learn how PetBar works, I was convinced that this would be something our great city of Roswell would enjoy. Every aspect of the PetBar experience is set up to maximize comfort and reduce stress for all of our clients, four-legged and human alike. This was an opportunity to make grooming more comfortable and accessible for all.  

How do we do that?  

We offer bath-only services, as well as full grooming services. Bath appointments are always available within three days and groom appointments within ten days. We are a no-kennel establishment. Grooms happen in private groom rooms, one on one with a groomer. We book on an appointment system, so that you can schedule a time that works best for you, and your pets are done within an hour and a half to two hours.  Bookings can be made by calling the salon, and also online or through our PetBar app. We clean the salon every night, and our space is open and inviting. We have a TV monitor at the front which allows you to see where your pet is at any time. We offer complete transparency for our pet parents’ peace of mind.  

We also offer a monthly bath membership, which for just a few dollars more than a one-time bath, gives you access to up to four professional baths and unlimited self-washes every month. This allows all of our furry loved ones to live their very best lives and then come in to get cleaned up. And we all know that clean pets get more cuddles!

Self-service baths, nail trims, and a variety of other services are also available on a walk-in basis.

What’s my favorite part of owning PetBar Roswell? Each and every time I hear a pet parent say to us at pickup, “Wow, we can tell they really like it here.” And then seeing how many of those pets and parents join our growing PetBar family.

PetBar Roswell

910 Woodstock Road, Roswell  



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