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Ode to Grandpa

My grandpa is always the first person to wake up every day in the family, busying himself by cleaning up the courtyard, tidying up the lawn, watering the flowers, and caring for vegetables. All our neighbors recognize him because he works in the yard regardless whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter. He’s handy, and whenever something breaks in the house, he can fix it. I’ve sometimes needed custom sized panel boards for paintings, and I know I can call on my dear grandpa to help me out. 

My grandpa started learning English when he was 70 years old. He simply read and wrote the words every day. It was a slow process, but he never gave up. At 70, when preparing for the driver's license test, he spent several months memorizing the driving test manual in English from beginning to end. Now, at 76 years old, he drives my grandma to wherever she wants to go.

Grandpa cares for the family, and he does many things for us, albeit in a quiet sort of manner. When I asked my grandpa to be a model for my art, he cooperated without hesitation, making all sorts of fun expressions. As I’ve poured hours into a drawing that I hope can capture the essence of my grandpa, I know he’s happy that I’m drawing him, and it makes me happy that I can make him happy. This portrait of him won a national award, and he was proud of what I’d accomplished. But regardless, ultimately, I hope he can feel my gratitude to him through my art.

Sophia Sun is an aspiring artist who is currently working on starting her own art business. Check our more of her art at: