Ode to Joy

Conducting an Orchestra of Flowers, One Planter at a Time

Article by Elizabeth A. Lowry

Photography by Elizabeth A. Lowry

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

Self-proclaimed “flower addict” and Rooted in Joy Planters owner, Tiffany Seoldo, has had a love for landscaping and gardening for as long as she can remember. Although not officially born with a green thumb, you could say she was raised with one, having avid gardeners for parents. 

“My mom belonged to a garden club, so I tagged along to picnics and gatherings in other gardens,” Tiffany explains. “Friends and neighbors were always walking around our yard admiring her flower beds—when I was looking for a place to get married, I knew their backyard was the spot!”  

Though appreciation is one thing, actually knowing how to landscape is another. 

“It wasn’t until my husband and I bought our first house that I started to comprehend how much time and effort went into landscaping,” she remembers. “Under their tutelage, I slowly learned how to create perennial gardens that offered sequential interest—every season.”

While it took a few years and lots (and lots) of experimentation, Tiffany grew to love container gardening specifically—it allowed her to change up the look of a landscape simply by switching colors and plants to highlight the beauty of the seasons. 

“I liken container design to conducting an orchestra—every plant plays its part and comes in at the ideal time to create a perfect, cohesive harmony.”

A Business Takes Root

From there, she says the idea of designing containers as a business grew organically (no pun!)—from time planting for friends and teaching them gardening to working at Blooms & Berries Garden Center where she assembles planters and experiments with new arrangements. 

Over time, Tiffany started receiving referrals from friends to design for their friends and family. Then, one day over coffee, a friend suggested she start her own business.  

“That’s when the seed was planted and Rooted in Joy Planters grew,” Tiffany says.

Priding herself in creating one-of-a-kind arrangements, only planting with materials she has personally trialed, finding ways to connect the container to its surroundings, Tiffany also coaches her clients in proper planter care so they find a little joy in gardening, too.

Let’s Workshop This 

When she’s not planting containers around town, you can catch Tiffany teaching container workshops at Blooms & Berries. During the lesson, Tiffany not only walks you through the process of creating a gorgeous planter, but also shares basic design principles and tips for getting a pro look.  

“We really want people to have fun—to create flower magic, learn the best ways to care for their plants,” she smiles. “Anyone can have a beautiful planter, but it takes attention and follow-through to keep everything beautiful. Just like pets, they require a little daily work.”

Try to Contain Yourself

Curious about container gardening? Try Tiffany’s tips for creating beautiful displays at home.

1. Always check plant tags first. You’ll find plant height, width and sun/shade requirements.

2. To create a well-balanced container, you’ll need a thriller (the focal point and something that brings height to the arrangement), a filler (adds volume around the thriller and a middle layer), and a spiller (plants that cascade down and soften the edge of the container). Be sure the plants you choose share the same watering and/or light requirements.  

3. Remember to deadhead (remove) spent blooms to prevent the plant from going to seed and to keep producing flowers.

4. Always check the soil before you water. If the surface looks dry, insert your finger a few inches to determine if it’s dry several inches down. If so, go ahead and water. If not, wait a day and recheck. Water at the soil level (not over the plant leaves) and be sure to water deeply—a thorough soaking less frequently is better than sparse drinks daily. |

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