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Artist Yvonne Claveloux Puts Her Paintings on More than a Canvas

It’s impossible to be somber in front of an Yvonne Claveloux canvas.

She paints boldly, often brightly, creating uplifting and transporting pieces as winsome as pink flamingos and popsicles.

Now she’s created a line of totes, towels, and more emblazoned with her images; a natural extension of her fashion and interior design background, and perfect for summer picnics and pool parties.

WLM: What was your inspiration for making clothing and home items with your art on them?

YC: I always envisioned extending my artwork into the lifestyle space. I think my paintings translate well into patterns and designs that come to life across a variety of products including apparel and home goods. And I am having so much fun with it all!

WLM: Was it hard finding someone to do this?

YC: I have built strong relationships with a number of manufacturers. As I explore new product opportunities I am constantly sourcing new vendors.

WLM: Tell me about the photo shoot - it's sensational! What "look" are you going for?

YC: My vision for the photo shoot was a fun and colorful retro vibe that included my entire family. We had a blast shooting it!!

WLM: What are your future plans for your line of home and clothes?

YC: I am excited to be working on several new home and clothing projects…stay tuned! : )

WLM: T-shirts? Please tell me you'll do that. I'd wear one in a heartbeat.

YC: You read my mind!! It is on my list and I have a sketch of a couple already drawn up. You get the first one!

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