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Off-Trail Bike & Brew's Casey Arena

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Off-Trail Bike & Brew: Craft Beers and the Biking Lifestyle

Owner Casey Arena's Tips for a Great Ride and a Great Brew

At the end of the Legacy Trail, Off-Trail Bike & Brew is a welcoming new neighborhood watering hole for locals and visitors alike. Owner Casey Arena offers 50 craft beers—most brewed in Florida—as well as snacks and free treats for kids. Always dog-friendly, Off-Trail reflects Casey’s passions for bicycling and having friendly conversations over delicious pints.

A former professional basketball player who spent four seasons with England's Thames Valley Tigers, Casey settled in Venice four years ago with his wife, Erin; and their children, Elle, Trevor and Nathan.

“I’ve enjoyed visiting bike and brewpubs around the country, and I have always loved craft beer. I saw we have great trails here but no bike and brewpub," Casey says. "Now, word is getting out, and we are becoming a destination. I want people to experience great Florida beer and have a great bike ride.”

Off-Trail offers bike rentals, a bike club that rides every Monday at 6 p.m., a 5K run every Wednesday at 6 p.m., trivia nights, live music and karaoke. At Off-Trail Bike & Brew, it won't take long for everyone to know your name. 

1. Safety first. Make sure your bike is tuned up. Lights are important. Wear a helmet. Have your equipment ready. Know your route and limitations. We want you to make it here safely to enjoy a brew after your ride.

2. Get to know our great Florida beers. The craft beer scene here is exploding. Great brewers include Tampa's Brew Bus, Sarasota’s Big Top, Lakewood Ranch's Naughty Monk and Gainesville's Swamp Head.   

3. Get out on the Legacy Trail. It’s safe, and the people who ride it are friendly. We are so lucky that we have 12 months a year of bike riding here. That’s something people elsewhere envy.

Off-Trail Bike & Brew

430 Venice Ave. E, Venice


  • Off-Trail Bike & Brew's Casey Arena
  • Casey Arena brings the bike and brewpub concept to Venice.
  • Off-Trail Bike & Brew offers rentals.
  • Off-Trail Bike & Brew is near the south end of the Legacy Trail.