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Why Office Evolution is taking off - and working!

Not long ago, it was common for growing businesses to spend unreasonable amounts of money on private workspaces. In many cases, these offices were pricey to rent or located in isolated areas.

However, with commercial real estate prices increasing and the universal reliance on mobile or remote technology, the traditional office model is now impractical for many growing businesses. That is why, in 2020, Roswell locals Mark Gottlieb and Jackie Blyth-Gottlieb opened Office Evolution (OE), a coworking space off Atlanta Street, walking distance from City Hall.

Since opening, several thriving Roswell businesses now call the progressive office space their home and even collaborate from time to time. “OE-Roswell is a community of dreamers, risk-takers, and doers,” says Blyth-Gottlieb. “Our members have an entrepreneurial spirit. They bounce ideas off each other, some have partnered on projects, and everyone has made new connections and friends.”

Collaboration is made possible by the openness of the coworking space. Of course, OE-Roswell offers private store and office fronts, but it also has shared conference rooms and designated coworking spaces. Given the close proximity businesses operate in, it is almost impossible not to get to know your neighbors. 

All of this contributes to OE's status as an important resource for growing businesses. Take Trust Payments, a payment processing company that facilitates speedy and seamless payments. When the folks at Trust-Atlanta outgrew their original workspace, OE offered affordable leg room and access to upscale conference technology, like a 360 Owl Camera and Conference Room TV.

Additionally, members find that the burden of office management is lifted off their shoulders. Dr. Rob Sanborn of Alpha Omega Chiropractic & Laser was OE-Roswell’s first member. He previously dealt with sub-leases, cleaning companies, security, phones, kitchen maintenance, and more. At OE, much of that responsibility is taken care of by OE themselves. All Dr. Rob has to worry about is his business operating smoothly.

So if you are looking for a low-stress, downtown office with necessary accommodations and community, Office Evolution may be for you. It's located at 821 Atlanta Street, Roswell, and is available to members 24/7.

  • Working conference room
  • Co working space can be utilized
  • Plenty of Parking here
  • Lively, Bright  and Inviting Front Entryway
  • Outdoor patio provides a relaxing Space